Thursday, August 06, 2009

Speaking of juxtaposing ...

... what Dawg said.

In completely unrelated news, Canada's whingers would like to tell you all about the relentless persecution of Christians. Apparently, the poor babies are always getting a raw deal of some kind. Who knew?

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Ti-Guy said...

I prefer the post in which Dawg hands the insufferable Andrew Potter his ass.

I've had it up the here (note: my hand is now over my head) with that dilettante who, after every career failure, takes it out on anyone who had greater success. He hates Naomi Klein because her criticism of consumer economics and culture was more persuasive than his. He hates Richard Florida because he's managed to promote his ideas on urbanism better. He hates Ignatieff because he had a career as an academic. etc. etc.

No wonder he's ended up in the place all mediocrities show up these days: journalism.