Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Idiocy from the Nationol Post

Nationol Post writor Matt Gurnoy thinks that "war resistor" Kim Rivera should leave her children behind and sit in jail for a year or two to live "within the dictates of her conscience". This says plenty about Gurney's understanding and empathy concerning the war resisters issue, and the CPC talking points assigned to it.

We already knew the writers at the Post were buffoons; now the headlines are showing that even the copyeditors are useless there. Why does anyone read that paper at all?

Oh, right. They don't.


Ti-Guy said...

Matt Gurney's bio.

Another "Conservative" catamite ripe for "mentoring." Someone call Mark Steyn.

Southern Quebec said...

Hahahahahaha...Check out the testimonial on Matt's site. It's from the residents at the Grand Wood Park Retirement Residence. They love him! Good enough to get you a column at the National Toast.

the rev. paperboy said...

It's been a week now and they still haven't corrected the spelling in the headline. It is true, being conservative means never admitting a mistake, no matter how howlingly obvious.