Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's time to become officially worried.

Blogging Tory and violent crime aficionado "Neo Conservative" graduates from simply enjoying the murder of people he doesn't care for ... to suggesting he actively wants to help the process along:

Margie... get me the bolt gun...'s definitely time to thin the herd...

"Yes, we were pretty sure he was the perp all along. There was vulgarity etched into the victim's body, and it was in this really stupid combination of font changes. Sort of a dead giveaway."

It's going to be fun watching BT co-founder Stephen Taylor try to explain all this once Neo finally snaps and takes out a bus stop full of people. "Neo? Neo who?"

Ah, well, I tried. My hands are clean.


deBeauxOs said...

"...once Neo finally snaps and takes out a bus stop full of people."

Neo doesn't give the impression that he leaves the house, ever.

It's more likely the cops will find the bodies of letter carriers, meter readers, Jehovah's witnesses, pizza delivery guys and frat boys canvassing for bottle drives buried in his basement.

Frank Frink said...
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Frank Frink said...

...maybe some empty cookie boxes and a couple Girl Scouts, too.

To be fair though, Neo has some competition in the 'Which BT snaps first and makes the headlines, but not the headlines in a good way' race.

Niles said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but in this instance, I thought he was just continuing on PETA's asinine analogy of equating the murder on the bus to the killing of slaughterhouse animals, turning it back on them.

There have been a lot of bad actors looking to exploit the horror of the Greyhound murder and PETA is not least among them with an ad campaign of such impassibility.

Perhaps yon fair blogger was incensed at someone trying to take 'his' news toy, but at the same time PETA is not blameless.