Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why, yes, it WAS my idea, thanks very much.

Via Red Tory, we come across a stunningly brilliant suggestion:

Let’s Get Rid of Darwinism

... I’d like to abolish the insidious terms Darwinism, Darwinist and Darwinian. They suggest a false narrowness to the field of modern evolutionary biology, as though it was the brainchild of a single person 150 years ago, rather than a vast, complex and evolving subject to which many other great figures have contributed. (The science would be in a sorry state if one man 150 years ago had, in fact, discovered everything there was to say.) Obsessively focusing on Darwin, perpetually asking whether he was right about this or that, implies that the discovery of something he didn’t think of or know about somehow undermines or threatens the whole enterprise of evolutionary biology today.

Genius. Sheer genius. I wish I'd thought of that. Oh, wait ... I did.

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Red Tory said...

Pride goeth before a fall there, chum.