Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Um ... come again, dude?

Blogging Tory "Gay and Right" wishes to educate us regarding an interesting aspect of climate change:

The neurosis of global warming...

Yeah. A gay Blogging Tory presumes to lecture the rest of us on other peoples' neuroses. I'm pretty sure that ugly shriek you just heard was satire taking its own life.


Ti-Guy said...

Don't blame Fred; he's just stupid. Blame The Wall Street Journal and the rest of the corporate media which publish writers who have a rather cavalier attitude towards evidence.

You would have to spend a week researching all the assertions presented in that short article to properly argue them.

E in MD said...

I wonder some times if these idiots you call the Bloggy Torries would evacuate if their neighborhoods were on fire or would they all just call it paranoia and disinformation by teh ebil libruls. "Can't believe those Fireman! what do THEY know about combustion!"

Probably blame in on the sun's output or something.

toujoursdan said...

I agree with Ti-Guy. Now that Murdoch owns the WSJ, expect it to become the NY Post or Toronto Sun with fancy graphs in no time.

I don't get gay right-wingers. Spending your life kissing up to people who hate you must take a toll. "Gay Patriot" in the states is even worse.

If anything proves we are no different than the heteros it's our wingnuts.