Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In comedy, as in sexual abuse by Catholic priests, timing is everything.

Yeah, I'm guessing this hit the wires at a bad time:

Pell accused of sex abuse cover-up

DAYS before the Pope arrives in Sydney, church documents reveal Australia's highest-ranking Catholic, George Pell, concealed details of a priest's history of sexual abuse from a victim seeking justice.

You really can't even get worked up over this anymore, can you?


PaulS said...

Hello, from Australia. This is an old old story the coincidental timing is the media trying to beat up an issue. I am not a Christian, certainly not a Catholic but thousands and thousands of young people are arriving in Australia for World Youth Day and from what I have seen they are intelligent, polite, passionate, caring, diverse. Forgetting about religeon they seem fantastic ambassadors for a much maligned generation of young people.

Ti-Guy said...

Anything that embarrasses Ratzinger is fine by me. He was the one responsible for advising how the Church should cover up the abuses when he was prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.

Shannon said...

Utterly sickening. Infuriates me, it does. I really wish there were some sort of justice for these assholes.