Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy crap. The stupid.

Shorter Dumbfuck Twatrick: "The fact that teachers want to criminalize cyberbullying in the school system clearly means that rude bloggers will eventually be arrested."

No, seriously ... that's the conclusion he's drawing. Jesus Christ.

P.S. It's not like you need any more proof of Twatsy's rancid dishonesty, but feast your eyes on this gem from that same blog post:

One need only remember the case of Chris Erl, whom Cynic mocked profusely -- all while ironically demanding a "grovelling public apology".

Really? Is that what I was doing? Demanding a "grovelling public apology?" I know ... let's go to the historical record, shall we?

Whaddya say, Mr. Erl? If you're so concerned about blogosphere civility, this is the perfect time to put your money where your mouth is. If you really want me to issue a grovelling, public apology, well, I've just told you exactly what it's going to take, and I don't think I'm being unfair, do you? Or do you? Does civility work both ways, or are apologies only for us leftists, hmmmmm?

Wow. How about that? I was not demanding an apology of Mr. Erl. In fact, I was laying out the terms for what it would take for him to get one from me. In other words (and unsurprisingly), dumbass Twatsy got it completely backwards.

Lord, what a Twatrick. What an unbelievably fucking stupid, lying Twatrick.


Red Tory said...

Too funny.

What ever happened to Mr. Erl? Haven't heard much from him since his "epiphany" a while back.

CC said...

Not sure ... his blog is gone, so I guess it's time to drop him from the blogroll.

Oh, yeah, that just proves what a vicious bully I was to poor Mr. Erl -- I brutally and savagely added him to my blogroll.

Fuck, but Twatsy is an imbecile. Did I mention that Twatsy is an imbecile? Yeah, he's an imbecile.

M@ said...

It's a shame -- Erl was the most interesting thing to emerge from the Canadian right-o-sphere in a long time. I hope he'll start blogging again.

I wonder if Erl disappeared because he was getting a little too much attention from right-wing bloggers? Since he was a young guy, I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Richard Evans, who has repeatedly redirected his URLs to NAMBLA, was contacting him inappropriately. I know I'd make myself scarce if Richard came a-knockin' on my door.

Just wondering, of course.

Ti-Guy said...

Why would Twatsy spin this so stupidly? The teachers are obviously talking about students below the age of majority.

I guess Twatsy's issuing threats in his usual passive-aggressive, arrested development way.

What a psycho. Mr. and Mrs. Ross? Time to schedule the intervention with your boy.

CC said...

"Why would Twatsy spin this so stupidly?"

I have no clue, but we really should start a pool to predict how Ratprick will mangle the English language to demonstrate how he was right all along.

I mean, really, ignore the fact that he was utterly, totally and completely backwards with his accusation about Erl and the apology. We all know how he's going to bluster and buttfuck regular words to the point where he can claim that his original statement was, in fact, absolutely accurate.

So go wild, take a guess. Really, no suggestion will be too fucking retarded to not be viable where Twatsy's concerned. But however it works out, it's definitely going to have some entertainment value.

Sort of like how Twats continued to insist that triangles had eight sides, long after the evidence was painfully obvious. Sort of like that.

Come on, Twatsy, don't let us down. We're counting on you to be the total retard you always are.

Red Tory said...

What makes it especially stupid is that Erl had quite an about-face and said that CC and I had been correct in many of our criticisms. After he stopped drinking the right-wing Kool-Aid his Blogging Tory fans dropped him like a stone.

KEvron said...

"In a draft version of the policy obtained by Canwest News Service, the teachers' group says it should be a punishable offence to use "information and communication technology to convey a message which threatens death or bodily harm or perpetuates fear and intimidation."

"One need only remember the case of Chris Erl, whom Cynic mocked profusely....

"In fact, legislation against cyberbullying could prove to be the end of Cynic's blogging career."

surely, fatty tore something in that reach.


CC said...

How curious ... nothing from Twatsy yet. I imagine he's having to work extra-hard to explain how having been utterly wrong in his accusation still means that he was right. The result of all that intellectual labour should be truly breathtaking. I can't wait.