Thursday, April 03, 2008

Whoa ...

... someone's wearing their ovaries on the outside. You tell 'em, Kate ... provincial premier getting all creeped out by a hateful, neo-Nazi white supremacist. Where the fuck does he get off, eh?

Yo, Catprint! I hope you're paying attention.

BUMMER: Oh, dear ... someone's just not feeling the love these days. Life sucks, doesn't it, Kate? Who would have thought that being a perpetual, screeching, hompohobic racist would eventually have its downside? Go figure, eh?

At the link above, Kate whines:

My readers offer support, but how am to know [sic] they won’t be the one's [sic] who throw me to the wolves tomorrow?

And from only yesterday:

To My Dear English Cousins

Churchill should have thrown you to the wolves;

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, damn ... I think I just wet myself.

. At the link to RT's above, RT adds the disclaimer that Kate claims that's not her comment. Sorry, no. If you take a look at the screen grab here, the commenter's name of "Kate" at the bottom is clearly a link, which means only Kate (or someone who could log in as her) could have left it. In short, Kate's going to have to prove she's been hacked to get off the hook for that one.

Nice try, Kate, dear, but when you start disavowing your own comments, well, I'm guessing the end isn't that far away.


Sheena said...

I offically lay claim to the term "ectopic outrage"...

Simon said...

Over at Catnip's there are competing music analogies for Kate. The first person suggested her success is analagous to Nickelback's, the next bumped Kate up to Rolling Stones level, and the third has submitted that oh no, KKKate is nothing short of Beatles level.

I tried to post the following comment but it didn't go through:

'The Beatles? Well sure, except of course that the Beatles had mass appeal. She's more like a highly successful country artist - huge sales numbers and whiny output that her slavish fans adore but that gives most people with discriminating taste a bad headache.'

Simon said...

Whoops, I meant 'catprint'.

catnip said...

Keep that straight, simon! :)

From the other cat-named person's post:

It must be a penis thing.

Right. I SO suffer from penis-envy. lol

Red Tory said...

Check out Kate's comment to her supporters. I've highlighted it over at my place.

Simon said...

Sorry Catnip!

I think Lance from Catprint is the one with penis-envy.

Simon said...

I just read Kate's quote on Red Tory's site:

“Could the butt kissers please ply on something other than my posterior? I get that you support the letter and I thank you, but this whole matter has caused me to question my loyalty to anyone within the so called ‘right’. My readers offer support, but how am to know they won’t be the one's who throw me to the wolves tomorrow? Expect less frequent posting as I'm rather disillusioned at the moment.”

I had assumed that Kate fed off her howler monkeys' incessant butt-kissing. I guess there's only so much joy that mindless agreement and fawning from the troglodytic hordes can bring. I'm also rather disillusioned at the moment.

catnip said...

'Paranoia will destroy ya.'

As pastor Wright would say, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Like I said in another comment here, her name and blog have been tied to Wall in a number of news stories about the tape scandal now. You reap what you sow.

Red Tory said...

She's deleted it now apparently. I wish that I'd taken a screengrab. I should know by now to do that as a matter of course with these folks.

quiet said...

You have the url. Try Google cache.

Frank Frink said...

The first person suggested her success is analagous to Nickelback's

That first suggestion is actually quite on the mark but most likely not in the way the commentor meant to suggest.

Nickelback is one of the execrable, rote, lowest common denominator formulaic excuses for popular music in a business renown for execrable, rote, lowest common denominator formula and where cream commonly floats to the bottom and shit rises to the top. Oh, and Chad Kroeger sucked his own penis for beer, or so he says.

What all that says about KKKate? Well, I report, you decide. Heh. ;-)

Red Tory said...

Turned out I still had the page open in a tab, so I've got a screengrab of it now.

Red Tory said...

Thanks for the link.

That is pretty funny stuff. Nice ironic twist at the end there.

Somena Woman said...

"oh no, KKKate is nothing short of Beatles level."

It would not surprise me in the least if the next comparison is "She's bigger than Jesus Christ"

I've got a post about the rise and fall of Canada's Most Famousest Blogger up at my blog.

Red Tory said...

Kate advises that the comment was not her, but a troll pretending to be her...

Seems a bit odd given that the link attached to the name was SDA, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt seeing as I'm such a nice guy. ;)

Ti-Guy said...

"I'll give her the benefit of the doubt seeing as I'm such a nice guy. ;)"

That's why we need people like you.

I doubt the authenticity, simply because it expresses too much common sense and humanity to come from the monster. I would however believe that KKKate had written it herself in a feeble attempt to humanise herself, but, alas, as they say, we don't have any real evidence.

Sean S. said...

my original comment at catprint, since it is being taken out of context here, in regards to SDA being the best blog because of its daily hits (or something like that):

"that's like saying Nickelback is the greatest band ever just because it's songs were played every 12 seconds somewhere in N. America. Quantity does not equal quality and though it is "far above" in hits/comments it is far below many, many, other Canadian blogs for quality of content (both conservative and liberal)."

Red Tory said...

CC — People can decide for themselves, but I'm not going to press the point. It's not worth getting into an argument about.