Thursday, July 28, 2022

It's a small siege after all.

Sure ... how could this possibly end badly?

I'm sure hot tubs and bouncy castles will be involved. And air horns. Lots of air horns.

P.S. It was back on July 19 that, in this CBC article, we read [emphasis added]:

"Asked where the organization found funds for a purchase of that size, Komer said the main funding source is through community bonds and added more information would be shared online later."

And yet, today:

"The single largest financial stakeholder in The United People of Canada’s plan to purchase and renovate the former St. Brigid’s church in Lowertown says his mission in life is to foster and spread peace, love and understanding, and he believes Ottawa residents’ unease about the perceived relationship between the organization and the “Freedom Convoy” is overblown."

It's interesting how quickly we went from "funded by the community" to "we have a really rich backer."


MgS said...

As always, follow the money - sooner or later you'll figure out who is slithering about beneath which rocks.

... and while I know nothing about that particular individual, I have a feeling anything I would find would sooner or later reveal things about him that we don't necessarily want to know about.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is being trolled here. How can anyone suggest a mini Disney world in a single city block? Where is all the parking? I don't think this is serious, I think it's just the TUPOC people trying to get a rise out of everyone.

Purple library guy said...

I'm sure this is obvious, but it bears pointing out: Nobody on the kind of right wing involved with the "Freedom Convoy" is actually interested in fostering "peace, love and understanding". If they lead with that, you know the rest is also going to be pretty transparent bullshitting.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily a fib. The "community bond" may simply the instrument by which the investor provided his contribution.

Anonymous said...

How does this

"The organization describes itself as a “diverse, intergenerational fraternal organization,...”

square with this

"...women-led and... "

Because fraternal doesn't include women, unless it's in reference to embryos, and this isn't.

Anonymous said...

Mini disney world is a great way to explain away the real guns mounted on a mockup pirate ship.