Friday, February 22, 2008

Shorter Five Feet of Crazy™.

I’m a howling, racist homophobe who suffers from the delusion that I’m really a snarky, smartass blogger. But then you already knew that.

P.S. Buy my book or teh Gheyzzzz will get you.


Red Tory said...

What's her point? How many millions of people died of syphilis before ways of mediating its effects were discovered? What a miserable you-know-what.

Ti-Guy said...

Her point? I don't she drinking again?

Southern Quebec said...

Kathy is sitting around waiting for her unemployment cheque. But don't tell them -- she's supposed to be looking for a job. (Not selling her book.) Gee, how many weeks has she been sitting around on her fat (government-funded) ass. Why doesn't she have a job yet? There are lots of jobs around. Not looking to hard, eh Kathy?

Red Tory said...

I think someone should report this useless layabout and social parasite to the EI authorities and get her benefits cut off.

liberal supporter said...

useless layabout
Please refrain from using this term. It is not considered to be civil discourse.

The approved terminology is "useless eater".

Thank you.

The BT Civil Discourse Central Committee.

Red Tory said...

LS — That was one of my milder and more “civil” rebukes, believe me. If I was to set out my profound contempt for depraved lunatics such as this in terms of my own choosing, I suspect they might not even be acceptable around here.

Sir Francis said...

I take it you guys are not yet aware that Shaidle is not only a homophobe but is (in a genuinely tragic permutation) a self-loathing homophobe.

Her Wikipedia entry contains a link to a University of Toronto profile page which discusses the details of Shaidle's anarchist/peacenik phase. The page suggests that another woman became important to her life at this time:

"Through her involvement in the 1980s peace movement, Kathy met author/activist Maggie Helwig; Maggie published two chapbooks of Kathy's poetry (Gas Stations of the Cross and Round Up the Usual Suspects) through her micro-press, LowLife [a rather prescient name, given the character of Shaidle's subsequent career]".

This is just a hunch, but I believe that an intimate relationship is being discreetly hinted at here. Helwig wouldn't bear mentioning at all if she were just one of Shaidle's former publishers. The implication seems to be that Helwig and Shaidle were an item. Helwig's own Wiki entry links to her homepage (sporting an interesting photo of her; you can see why Shaidle found her irresistible).

I think Shaidle's undoubted lesbianism offers a fascinating, if sad, perspective on her maniacal misanthropy, and though it doesn't make her any easier to bear, it does allow us (it might even require us) to lace our contempt with some sympathy.

Ti-Guy said...

it does allow us (it might even require us) to lace our contempt with some sympathy.

Except I know too many women who experimented at some stage in their lives, shrugged it off and moved on. If this is indeed the case with Shaidle, her regression into condemnation gets no sympathy from me; it's just too age-inappropriate (and hardly Catholic). She seems to be exacting some sort of revenge against everyone she believes led her astray during her her "look at me, I'm fabulously counter-culture!" stage.

She really needs to grow up.

That guy said...

Sir Isaac, I know Maggie Helwig; she's married (to a man) and has a daughter; she's also edited LOTS of other Canadian writers. I realize that this doesn't rule out what you're speculating about, but she's really a very good person and it's probably not a good idea to drag her name into this. Nobody deserves to be tarred with Shaidle's brush.

KEvron said...

"helwig and the angry five feet"?


toujoursdan said...
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toujoursdan said...

Heterosexual transmission accounts for the fastest growing risk group in the United States. AIDS cases attributed to heterosexual transmission increased from 3% of all cumulative AIDS cases among women in 1983 and 1984 to 39% as of December 31, 2002.(6) Regions with the highest rates in women correspond to those in which seroprevalence is highest in male IDUs.(7)

The true incidence of heterosexually transmitted cases is probably even higher, but cases are sometimes unrecognized owing to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting hierarchy. For example, if a woman had heterosexual contact multiple times and injected intravenous drugs once, she is categorized as having injection drug use as the source of her infection. Of the 126,880 cases ever classified as "risk not reported or identified" through June of 2000, (the last year for reporting on this type of information), 59,692 have been reclassified. Of this group, 15,300 are women, and 10,404 (68%) of them have been reclassified as transmission through heterosexual contact.(8) As recently as 2002, 7,532 (66%) of the total 11,279 adult women diagnosed with AIDS were classified as either "risk not reported or identified" (4,029 [36%]) or as "transmission secondary to heterosexual contact with a HIV-infected person, risk not specified" (3,502 [31%])

It is estimated that if information were to be obtained on this latter group of 3,502 that at least 68% would be reclassified as heterosexual transmission. These statistics have demonstrated similar trends in the last decade of the epidemic and identify a fundamental problem: women often have limited knowledge about their partners' risk factors for HIV/AIDS and often have the misperception that they are at low risk of contracting AIDS. It remains disturbingly common at San Francisco General Hospital for a woman to present with a new diagnosis of Pneumocystis pneumonia, AIDS, <100 CD4 cells, and no knowledge that she had ever been exposed to HIV.

In industrialized countries, the IDU epidemic in men is reflected in the heterosexual epidemic in women, which is in turn reflected in the epidemic among children. The most alarming trends of heterosexual transmission are now occurring in young women.

University of California San Francisco (UCSF): HIVinsite

Even if you hate "teh gays" and wish they'd magically go away, spreading misinformation by calling this a "gay disease" really only hurts heterosexuals who think they aren't at risk and then won't listen to education and get tested.

And while I would agree that there is some racism in the white gay community, there is a lot of homophobia in the African American community, influenced by the black church. So men who have sex with men are much less likely to self-identify as gay and even less likely to seek out gay-oriented clinics for education or testing for fear that they will be rejected by their family and friends.