Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The stupid! It burns!

I'm sure someone has already dissected this incomparably idiotic bit of douchebaggery but recall how Canada's Most Assholerific Blogger™ made fun of wind turbines for the obvious reason that ... well, actually, no one's quite sure where she was going with that, as commenter "atheist quebecois separatiste" suggests:

I wonder what Kate is trying to prove here?

I can show a video of people dying while riding a motorcycle. Happen all the time.

Technology fail all the time. We improve it and we continue to use it.

Trial and error toward better reliability.

Now, before we go any further, what point do you think commenter AQS is making? See, because I'm not a mouth-breathing, drooling, Blogging Tory retard, my guess would be that he's simply saying that all technology might have its flaws or bad design, and that we deal with it and move on. Just a wild guess, but that's sort of where I figure AQS was going.

And Kate? What does Kate think his point is? Truly, you're not going to believe Kate's snappy comeback. No, really:

"I can show a video of people dying while riding a motorcycle."

Nobody's proposing we replace coal generated power plants with motorcycles.

I'm embarrassed to have to point that out to you...


Long pause.

Really, really long pause.

That's right -- Kate interprets AQS's comment as suggesting we replace coal-fired generating plants with motorcycles. Truly, a watershed moment in Blogging Tory inanity.

I'd ask what BT co-founder Stephen Taylor thought of this but, seriously, does anyone give a fuck what he thinks anymore?


Red Tory said...

Gee, I wish I'd thought of that...

CC said...

Don't worry, RT, I'm sure you will given time. :-)

liberal supporter said...

I don't get it. Wouldn't "atheist quebecois separatiste" simply respond that "of course nobody suggests coal plants be replaced with motorcycles, so why should videos of isolated engineering failures have anything to do with technology choices? What is your point? Do you believe windmills are unreliable and dangerous, compared to other generation technologies? If so, do you have any basis for this other than a youtube movie?"

Or does Catherine edit her comments to flatter herself and make anyone who questions her look like an unschooled boob?

Jay said...

Ow ow ow ow ow

I think I stubbed my brain trying to read that tripe over there.

Who can I sue?

Jay said...

My motorcycle gets 180 jiggawatts on a Gazallon of unleaded.

liberal supporter said...

I'm embarrassed to have to point that out to you...

Why is Catherine going bare assed? You'd think she'd be cold out there in Saskatchewan. Is she frigid?