Monday, February 18, 2008

"But enough about forced sterilization, let's talk about me."

Blogging Tory Peter Csillag takes a break from wanting to castrate people he doesn't much care for to present a thoroughly amusing rewriting of Canadian history. Let's follow the unintentional hilarity:

As some provinces observe Family Day this third Monday of February, I thought it was worth reflecting on how rapidly the Canadian family shifts, reflective of the dynamic Canadian society. I'm not aware of any other country or society (or, as in Canada, a group of societies under one roof held up by shaky walls) that can turn over values in a night's time and progress onward without any knowledge of the previous day.

Really, Pete? Is that how it works? Canada's "values" can turn over "in a night's time" to the point where we don't even have "any knowledge of the previous day?" Seriously? Wow ... imagine my surprise, given that I could have sworn that the battle for same-sex marriage in Canada had been going on for years. I guess I was mistaken. Oh, wait ... no, I wasn't.

And that whole abortion thing? So we just woke up one day and it had been resolved and we've all moved on, is that what you're saying, Pete? I'm pretty sure you're a bit off on that one, too.

And then there's Pete's eye-opening take on marriage these days:

Marriage is a dull concept now.

And, trust me, you can take Mrs. Csillag's word for that.


Red Tory said...

Raising a family is getting dull too because more and more families here prefer to keep the numbers small.

Yeah, I remember how absolutely exciting it was raising four kids.

By the way, both my parents, who grew up during the Great Depression were only children. They had two kids. Apparently, they weren't unusual:

Britain's fertility decline during the fifty years is evident in the virtual elimination of large families and the doubling of the per cent childless.

That was written in 1946.

Funny how that works, isn't it? No connection to made-up, pulled straight out of Peter Csillag's butthole versions of history whatsoever.

Southern Quebec said...

Pete should have called his blog "No cliche left behind". I guess time will tell....

Ti-Guy said...

And "Lord of the Flies" Stephen Taylor smiles down on him, cynically.

liberal supporter said...

I thought he was referring to the Blogging Tories:

"I'm not aware of any ... that can turn over ... in a night's time and progress onward without any knowledge of the previous day."