Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh my …

It looks like Big Daddy is the first to flinch in the Afghan mission game of chicken he’s been playing. Sweet dancing Jeezuz ... is this one of the Seven Signs the nuns kept harping about in Catholic school? I’m soooooo screwed.


The Seer said...

I'm have for some months been entertaining the suspicion that Our Lord George is the Anti-Christ.

Ti-Guy said...

When I think of The Omen movies, I'm inclined to think Stephen Harper fits that description, Seer. The cold, steely intellect, the creepy eyes, the date on which his first budget, the largest one in Canadian history, was passed, with unanimous approval and no recorded vote (also a first): June 6, 2006..or 06-06-06...or...*gasp*...666?

Dave said...

Does this mean you have to pee on one of those sticks?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I figger both Dion and Harper compromised for one reason only. Neither wants to go to the polls over Afghanistan. Dion doesn't want to go to the polls over anything.

This great compromise between the two warmongers means another two years of Canada propping up Karzai's CIA-backed, warlord-ruled Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Two more years of working hand-in-hand with corrupt Afghans who torture some prisoners but release 60%-70% for bribes as low as $20.

Two more years of Canadian deaths and maiming. Two more years of supporting Sharia Law and death penalties to Christian converts and free-speaking students.

So far, we've spent $6,100 million on the military effort. At the same time, we've spent only $741 million on reconstruction. We're informed that fully 90% of the reconstruction and aid money is siphoned off to bribes and corruption. Two more years of a lopsided mission where seek-and-destroy takes a front seat to aid-and-rebuild.

The war is unwinnable. The writing has been on the wall for decades, if not centuries. Afghanistan cannot be conquered by an invading army. We are throwing away the lives of our dedicated soldiers.

And now, we're going to throw away those lives for another two years.

The Grits and Cons have ganged up to force and unwanted and unwinnable war on Canadians. Neither party deserves any credit. Both deserve only blame and scorn.