Friday, February 22, 2008

And in science news today, fuck you.

Astonishingly, "Canada's Best Blogger" takes a break from making fun of blacks, natives, gays or dead Jews to report on some interesting medical developments:

An international team of researchers have reported that differences between discordant monozygotic twins - where one twin has a genetic disorder and the other does not - are probably due to copy number variations.

The researchers studied 19 pairs of monozygotic twins and found differences in copy number variations in DNA. Copy number variations (CNVs) occur when a set of coding letters in DNA are missing, or when extra copies of segments of DNA are produced.


"This could have a major impact on our understanding of genetically determined disorders."

"By uncovering these small genetic differences in identical twins where one of them is sick, we have a way of tying specific genetic changes to the genesis of common diseases," Bruder said.

Discordant twins are an interesting area of study as one twin might develop a particular disease such as Parkinson's while the other does not. Previously, it was thought that environmental factors were the likely culprits, not genetics.

Not to be outdone, Kate's first commenter weighs in with some thoughtful, related observations of his own:

The theory that a result is more likely genetic than environmental is obvious when you consider the cushy up-bringing, educational opportunities and other advantages that so many Liberals experience in Canada, yet so many of them are still retarded, illogical, weak-spirited, dependent, unappreciative, small-minded, petty, arrogant fools who make the lives of millions a daily frustration.

Such flawed individuals can only be due to bad genetics. It's nearly impossible to learn to be such a waste of skin.

Posted by: John West at February 22, 2008 11:23 AM

Join us tomorrow when Kate reports on the discovery of a new Mersenne prime number, to which commenter John West will respond that that just proves how Canada's leftists are a bunch of socialist perverts who hate the troops.


LuLu said...

So if one were to use John West's logic, the average Canadian Conservative’s howling stupidity can be blamed on excessive inbreeding.

Works for me.

Red Tory said...

I'm not prepared to just laugh this off. These people need to be exposed and excoriated for the hateful bigots and genocidal maniacs they are.

Ti-Guy said...

John West's a rising star (at least, I've only recently come across him) among the reichest of the Reich-wing. Here's one of his comments at KKKate's that I felt compelled to reproduce over at My Blahg, only because I was astonished by how murderously angry it sounded.

I don't know what KKKate think she's doing by being indifferent to the type of commenter she seems to attract and tolerate. She's banned other people and/or deleted their comments for far less than this.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

The other day I was riding in an elevator, and the 4th floor button wouldn't light up. Fucking Liberals.

Excuse my incivility.