Saturday, February 23, 2008

Apparently, honesty is hard werk.

And in the true spirit of pathologically lying douches everywhere, the Blogging Tories' "Neo Conservative" very, very carefully reproduces a snippet of bloggy goodness from yours truly.

Yes, that's Neo, all right, posting an image of the title of an old post of mine ("Yeah ... six more dead soldiers ... whatever"), ostensibly to prove how I don't give a sh*t about dead Canadian soldiers. It's curious, though, why Neo simply reproduces an image of the title of that post, rather than linking to the post directly.

At least, it would be curious until you take the time to read the post itself, where it becomes clear that the post is, in fact, sarcasm directed at one of Neo's own Blogging Tory bedmates. At which point you can see why he carefully didn't supply said link, as it would have made him look like the brain-damaged goober that he is.


P.S. You have to love Neo's faux machismo in the very second comment at that blog post of his:

lemme see... jack bin-layton wants to drop troops into the hellhole that is darfur... steffi wants to invade pakistan and duceppe just wanders around in circles muttering gibberish.

i say we go with harper and hillier and continue to give the taliban their daily ass-kicking.

Yes, Neo, you are truly the ass-kicking, Blogging Tory stud of fear. I'm sure the Taliban wake up shaking nightly in a cold sweat, just thinking about your next Improvised Explosive Blog Post. If Canada only had another 500 Neos, why, we'd have ... uh ... well, another 500 militarily useless, brain-damaged goobers.

Except that we call them "Blogging Tories." It just saves time.


Ti-Guy said...

I point my Conservative father-in-law to Neo's blog to warn him about the downside of blogging while in full dotage.

Filcher said...

In Neo's defense CC, i did have at least a civil exchange with him in that thread, even though I definitely do not agree with him. I do find it unfortunate that as soon as one posts an opposing view there they immediately demand I say "hi to CC."

It suggests that some are more worried about challenging individuals than discourse on the subject. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, in any political blog. In my opinion it shows a widening gap in political spectrum in Canada, more like what we see is happening to the South.

Anyways, hi CC.

Red Tory said...

So, Neo is an intellectually dishonest douche. Well, there's a big surprise.

Ti-Guy said...

In Neo's defense CC, i did have at least a civil exchange with him in that thread, even though I definitely do not agree with him.

It's pointless. The worst element of Blogging Tory blogs is always the tone of the discussion; how its coarsened by the righty commenters themsleves (despite their opposition to potty-mouth). If the Blogging Tory bloggers themselves won't moderate it (and I'm convinced they see value in not doing so), there are only two options for the rest of us; ignore them completely or vilify them mercilessly.

The option we should avoid (which led the American liberals and Democrats to where they are now) is to treat their discourse as worth any serious consideration or even civility. That's how the American liberals and lefties ended up being able to be framed so easily as weak, indecisive and less than morally clear.

Red Tory said...

Most of them are a complete waste of time. Not even worth the precious few keystrokes it takes to eviscerate them.

CC said...


I'm not sure what you mean when you suggest that you had a "civil exchange" with Neo since, when you pointed out his obvious dishonesty and misrepresentation at his blog, all he did was refuse to address the issue and immediately change the subject.

Go back through every single one of Neo's reactions to one of my criticisms -- he has never, ever, ever actually addressed the issue. He's a liar, a whiner and a coward.

In short, he's the perfect Blogging Tory.

M@ said...

Neo's really good at taking what other people have said, twisting it into something he wishes they'd said, and then telling them how stupid what he thinks they said is.

He's not very good at defending what meagre points he makes. Or at thinking. Or at reality.

Poor kid. If he ever gets out of high school, he's going to have a rough time. As a matter of fact, Neo, I believe I would like fries with that.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

CC, that's been my experience, too. Kneel Con NEVER addresses the criticism.

His profile says he's "middle aged". I think he means halfway between 10 and 20.

Filcher said...

Well, I have learned I am a bit of a masochist over there, I guess. About 5 posts or so, and basically all I got was how I am a paid programmer from this site, (where's my week's cheque, BTW?), how my insistence that CC and I were 2 separate thinking people with a similar opinion was ignored, how horrible I was to oppose sending soldiers to die simply to support those who have already died. From my perspective it was an interesting lesson in futility I will likely not repeat.

Still, if it helped make one person who passes by to look for answers for themselves..

I support the right for them to have the opinions they have, I just don't support refusing to discuss them, or misleading the readers on them.