Friday, February 22, 2008

Well, this is just great.

It seems Big Daddy’s insidious plan to get rid of all that complicated sciencey-type stuff is working.

One of the world's leading scientific journals has criticized the Conservative government's "manifest disregard for science" in Canada. The comments were published Thursday in the British journal Nature.

"Science has long faced an uphill battle for recognition in Canada, but the slope became steeper when the Conservative government was elected in 2006," the journal said in an editorial titled "Science in Retreat."

The editorial blasts the government's decision to close the office of national science advisor, a move confirmed last month by Industry Canada. The office offers advice on global science and technology issues and how government can better fund and support Canadian science.

"Concerns can only be enhanced by the government’s manifest disregard for science," says the journal.

"Since Prime Minister Stephen Harper came to power, his government has been skeptical of the science on climate change and has backed away from Canada’s Kyoto commitment.

Canada’s New Government™, boys and girls, winning the race to the bottom for two whole years.

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900ft Jesus said... allowed comments on this story. Most agreed with the article, but there were the usual deniers. One nutbag said something about "leftist-scientists." I guess we're doing well - we've had MSM, the Senate, the courts, the public servants, and now we have the scientists. Now we just need to make sure they all go out and vote...