Monday, February 18, 2008

Better than sex, Neo?

I swear, if the Blogging Tories "Neo Conservative" got any more excited about black people getting murdered, he'd probably need a towel to clean himself up afterwards.

BT co-founder Stephen Taylor must be so proud. I wonder if he gets a woody over dead niggers, too.

Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to.


Sheena said...

Oh my. Well, on the upside, CC, think how fast that dead mother cunt thing will be forgotten after this post...

Sheena said...

It's like.. the honesty can be too much, eh?

Lindsay Stewart said...

visiting dan hill's house is lethal? i guess you don't need to tell 'em to keep those cards and letters coming.

Ti-Guy said...

Do I have to go over there and read what this is all about?

Did he call you Canadian Cecilia?

Somena Woman said...

I was going to chew you out for using the n word. Then I went and read the post and comments.


Is that really Ezra?

Sheena said...

Chew away, somnambulist woman, I doubt it's Ezra, and that comment was well over an hour after the original post.

Somena Woman said...

Chew Chew Chew...

CC, I still don't get why it's snarky to use the N word just because somebody over on Macademia Wingnuts used it in the comments section.

Snark to me should be biting and mean towards the people who deserve it.

If you were an African Canadian don't you think you'd be offended by the use of the N word?

Two wrongs don't make a right. Sorry - that's just my impression of this.

I know you're going to chew me out or have some reason to justify it's use... but this is the first time you've ever written something that has really offended me.

It's sorta like when I was talking with a bunch of Objectivists a couple years back and this guy kept referring to me as "Squaw Walker"

He thought it was obviously hilarious. I never saw the humour in it, and I don't see the humour in using the n word.

Sorry... that's just the way I feel about it.

8080 said...

I went to his blog and I don't see your point, CC.

If anything HallofMac seems frustrated at the number of these killings done by people who have multiple records who seem to be perpetuating this violence on each other.

I kind of don't blame him for being frustrated in so many ways. I worked as a physician at a forensics holding area for a while. I'd go through their criminal record sheets each time before seeing a patient to make sure I wasn't going to get my face bitten off randomly. One thing I noticed was that their sheets would contain multiple convictions for rape, assault, battery, and other violent crimes and yet they somehow each time managed to get out of jail to commit the next crime in relatively a short amount of time - 6 months to a year between. Finally they would end up in forensics for assessment because a frustrated judge would want to try and decide if there was a psychiatric component to the random acts of violence and rape.

Honestly having been around some of these characters for a while I just don't see any of the treatment working. They're dangerous and need to be watched carefully. I think forever.