Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I ar Preznit.

There are times when I almost believe Dubya can no longer surprise me with his catastrophic vacuity and complete detachment from reality. Sadly, he always manages to prove me wrong (emphasis all mine).

Bush: …and I’m convinced fifty years from now people will look back and say, Thank God there were those that were willing to sacrifice.

Curry: But you’re saying you’re going to have to carry that burden. Some Americans believe that they feel they’re carrying the burden because of this economy.

Bush: Yeah, well…

Curry: They say we’re suffering because of this.

Bush: I don’t agree with that.

Curry: You don’t agree with that? It has nothing do with the economy, the war, the spending on the war?

Bush: I don’t think so. I think actually the spending in the war might help with jobs.

Curry: Oh, yeah?

Bush: Yeah, because we’re buying equipment, and people are working. I think this economy is down because we built too many houses and the economy is adjusting. On the other hand we’re just about to kick out 157 billion dollars to our taxpayers……what would have been had we abandoned Iraq when times were tough and let those soldiers die in vain.

So, in conclusion, the economy is tanking because people built too many damn houses to, you know, live in and more soldiers should die needlessly so the already dead ones will not have died in vain. No, really.

Via Crooks and Liars.


E in MD said...

Shorter Dubya: "Fuck you and your financial troubles."

Jay said...

Fool me twice


Can't get fooled again! shazza!

Mike said...

Ah the Fallacy of the Broken Window. I love it when a Conservative shows Bastiat was right...

Dear gawd this man is an idiot.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, if we take him at his word, then the free marketers and free traders should be up in arms at the horrendous government subsidies American military expenditures represent for the industrial economy.

...which is what they really are, in fact.

Ti-Guy said...

Off-topic...Pappy Junker actual re-wrote one of my comments at his blog (which, I hasten to had, contained no potty-mouth). I'm fine with deletion or editorialising, but actually re-writing them? And when you think about it, how much does he do this, generally?

This is what our soldiers are dying for: rightwing frauds.

Somena Woman said...

Ti-guy, I thought only Kate did that.

Sad to see spoofing like that (which on usenet would be grounds for you to get your internet account taken away) has become "acceptable practice"

Not to worry - if they are reduced to ACTUALLY having to re-write what you say to "win" an arguement... well they lose it, by default.

Ti-Guy said...

The thing is, mine was the only comment in the thread. It still is, although Paul deleted another one of mine, in which I whined about his fraudulent behaviour.

Ah, well the crazies. It'll come back to haunt them.

liberal supporter said...

Another reason I only comment on blogger sites.