Friday, February 22, 2008

And by "us," I mean not "me."

In what is becoming a predictable ritual, Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative" is all about kicking some raghead ass, as long as that kicking doesn't involve his actual foot:

And enough of that peacekeeping argle-bargle... let's take it to these jihadi donkeyheads.

Normally, Neo would be glad to help, but there's that trick knee of his. College football. If it weren't for that, you know ...


Red Tory said...

That reminds me of Al Franken’s bit about trundling the old age pensioners into combat. I think they might even find some room for gutless slackers like “Neo” and his ilk who seem to have all manner of excuses for not actually throwing themselves into the fray they so clearly lust after.

LuLu said...

No doubt, "Neo" is a commanding officer in the 101st Cheeto-Stained Chairborne.

Ti-Guy said...

I blame Viagra. Putting renewed stiffness in the ol' peggo seems to be giving clapped-out geriatics like Neo an exaggerated sense of the relevance and worth of their passion.

Save it for the significant other, grandpa.

The Seer said...

ti-guy, you'll never forgive me for this, but I have to tell:

Remember the fuss about the helicopters the Canadian Forces couldn't get?

Well, American forces in Afghanistan cannot get things like grenades and .50 caliber ammunition. But see, Americans got ingenuity. They stage a combat raid on a Taliban position and liberate the ammunition they need.

Too bad the Taliban ain't got no helicopters.

David Webb said...

College football my ass. I doubt that this bumbling oaf would have been good enough to ride the pines in high school. The trick knee came from falling off the bleachers in pursuit of his dropped Micronaut.