Sunday, February 24, 2008

And, logically speaking, trout live in trees.

Shockingly, the Blogging Tories' dr. roy demonstrates the indisputable connection between abortion and suicidal depression:

This is so very sad. Abortion can lead to profound depression and psychological difficulties. The death cult feminists want to to deny all this , but the evidence is there for them to see.

In totally unrelated news, a member of Canada's military took his own life in Afghanistan in August of 2007. Without exception, the Blogging Tories seemed utterly baffled and unwilling to express any opinions on that tragic incident.

AFTERSNARK: I'm intrigued that no one seems to have picked up on this logical oddity:

Her suicide note read: "I told everyone I didn't want to do it, even at the hospital."

So ... they forced her to have an abortion against her will? Really? This woman explicitly told everyone involved that she didn't want to go ahead with the procedure and they insisted on doing it anyway?

Does anyone actually believe that? One wonders how much more about this story doesn't hang together.


Anonymous said...

maybe the idiot dr should also comment on postpartum depression...
So it would seem that abortion and giving birth lead to depression....

What a fucking idiot. I'm surprised the dr still has a license to practice medicine...

Nullig said...

Yes, what would they say to this:


Anonymous said...

"NBC 7/39 medical correspondent Peggy Pico reported that about 20 percent of all mothers are diagnosed with postpartum depression within months of giving birth."
Let's ban the zygote and go test tube...

kenj said...

Following up on a previous post of yours concerning Patrick Ross from assholery.

You got it right when you pegged Patrick Ross as a genuine asshole! Here's what went on in some recent exchanges with him:

* He has no idea who Sibel Edmonds is. Despite her work as an FBI translator listening to thousands of tapes and giving evidence about those tapes to Congressional Committees, he questions whether those tapes actually exist since there is no "proof". He finds her claims "simply incredible". [He's a moron]

* He believes Putin is a "threat to global stability" but he is unable to say in what way.[He's an ideologically driven dick wad]

* He insists that Ahmadinejad lies "every time he opens his mouth" and that written offers from Iran to the West to recognize Israel are simply lies and deception. He denounces Ahmadinejad as a tyrant yet refuses to comment on claims that Bush killed a million people in Iraq. He has no idea of the history of US support for terrorist activity conducted over decades as a matter of US foreign policy. [More ideologically driven dick wad]

* He is a racist who when called upon is unable or unwilling to find anything decent or human about Palestinians or Iranians. They are apparently simply mindless fanatics. [He's a racist]

* He believes the Afghanistan economy can be weaned off heroin production by building a legitimate industry in pharmecuticals supply.[He's an economic idiot].

* He knows nothing about the international drug trafficking industry or the role of Turkey in that trade. He does not know about the American Turkish Council. [Ignoramus]

* He claims that the UN has denounced Iran for building a nuclear weapons program (they haven't) and he cites as evidence an article from Iran Focus. It was pointed out to him that Source Watch had identified the backers of the Iran Focus website as supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran PMOI, a listed terrorist group in the US and UK.

Patrick Ross' reply: "I grant you absolutely no credibility in regard to those claims. They aren't even worth addressing."

In terms of intellectual cowardice this response is hard to beat. He's not even prepared to defend his own sources and he accepts sources having clear propaganda goals. [He's a coward and intellectual fraud].

Since Patrick ("asshole") Ross was incapable of real debate we progressed to rude exchanges. Even here, Ross displayed his cowardice. Not content with cutting my criticisms, he felt free to respond to them by way of insult.

The guy's a moron and and an intellectual fraud. Feel free to spread the word on this idiot.

kenj said...

Patrick Ross says Hi! and calls Canadian Cynic "the most defamatory piece of garbage on the internet". Way to go, folks! You're clearly doing something right.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, you gave it your best shot. I noticed Pats ended up deleting your comments. It's probably the only power he's got.

As for the topic...feh. Dr. Roy has two settings...insane and creepy.

Red Tory said...

From the article:

The inquest heard that Sylvia Beck, the victim's mother, wrote to the hospital...

Victim? Of suicide... WTF?

Anyway, right in the article it states that she had a "long history of anxiety and depression." Gee, think that might have been relevant there "doctor" roy? What a fucking idiot.

Jay said...

I had a state-recognized relationship with a person that originally was diagnosed with depression, had a complete meltdown and ended up in a ward that diagnosed them with bi-polar disorder (level 2). After months of having all the knives/ropes/guns etc hidden away and still fearing the worst every time I went home, I finally broke off my state-recognized relationship. Within 4 months they had remarried and she was pregnant. She left her husband shortly before the baby was born.

A day doesn't go by that I don't expect a phone call telling me the horrible news. She has refused to acknowledge her bi-polar and instead insists that she is only chemically depressed.

Can you even imagine the household where she suffered from postpartum?

The whole thing is a horror of magnificent proportion. No one will be unharmed by her illness.