Friday, February 22, 2008

Apparently, principles are so 2006.

Hi ... I'm Stephen Harper, and I'm a man of my word:

A Conversation with the Prime Minister

Updated Sat. Dec. 23 2006 7:19 PM ET

On the biggest issue on the foreign front, Harper said he refuses to politicize Canada's military commitment in Afghanistan.

Harper said he won't "cut and run" on the mission, even if it means losing the next election over it (an unlikely scenario since Dion said he won't support a Bloc Quebecois motion to topple the government over a vote to overhaul the mission

"I tell people I couldn't care less if the opposition ultimately brings me down and defeats me in an election over this," said Harper.

As for the divided public opinion: "I have to do what we believe is right for long-term security interests of this country, and right for the men and women who have put themselves on the line. Those are the interests I will defend regardless of what the polls are on this."

So ... how are those principles working out, Steve? Whoops ... not so well, I see:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a new motion with a hard end date of 2011 for Canada's military mission in Afghanistan, a move aimed at bridging the gap between the Conservatives and Liberals...

Harper said the motion will incorporate "large elements" of last week's Liberal amendment of the Conservative party's original motion.

Stephen Harper: Doing the right thing for Canada because he doesn't care about the polls. Oh, wait ...


E in MD said...

Can you guys 'No confidence' this guy or something? He sounds like a right nit-wit.

Red Tory said...

Unfortunately, the great Canadian people, even though polls show that most of them disagree with the Conservative positions on Afghanistan, trust Stephen Harper to handle the situation more than they do the other two parties. Go figure.