Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Blogging Tories: Because they're stupid, that's why.

Clearly put out because the BT's dr. roy has been getting all the attention as the benchmark against which all jaw-dropping retardedness shall be measured, Blogging Tory "Hunter" is determined to make a case for herself as the new standard-bearer:

In the matter of life and death, the family should rule

Yeah ... um ... but when it comes to that infamous Terri Schiavo case, Hunter? Whoops, suddenly, the rules change, don't they?

Terri’s case should not be confused with legitimate end-of-life cases in which patients are terminally ill and imminently dying. As already stated, Terri was neither ill nor dying.

Was Terri in a Persistent Vegetative State?

No. Despite Judge Greer’s ruling, and in keeping with the 40 medical affidavits submitted to the court, all evidence proves that Terri was not in a PVS. Terri’s behavior and ability to interact with her surroundings did not meet the medical or statutory definition of persistent vegetative state.

Did the autopsy prove that Terri was in a Persistent Vegetative State?

No. The autopsy was unable to determine whether or not Terri was actually in a persistent vegetative state. In fact, on three separate occasions, the report stated that an autopsy is unable to determine if a person is in a persistent vegetative state because the person must be alive in order to make such a diagnosis. The autopsy did prove that that, prior to Terri's death, she was physically healthy and would have lived a long life had she not been dehydrated over a period of two weeks.

Really? Ya think?

Schiavo autopsy shows irreversible brain damage
Parents who fought feeding tube removal to consider legal options

LARGO, Fla. - An autopsy on Terri Schiavo backed her husband’s contention that she was in a persistent vegetative state, finding that she had massive and irreversible brain damage and was blind, the medical examiner’s office said Wednesday. It also found no evidence that she was strangled or otherwise abused.

Oooooooh ... that has to be inconvenient. But perhaps the most delightful hypocrisy is Hunter's inane screeching about how "it should be up to the family, not the doctors when life support should end." And yet, while retarded whackjobs like Hunter were rending their hairshirts over Terri Schiavo, there was another case that was making some headlines as well. Some of you might remember the case of one Sun Hudson:

March 16, 2005
Life-Support Stopped for 6-Month-Old in Houston

Yesterday Sun Hudson, the nearly 6-month-old at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, diagnosed and slowly dying with a rare form of dwarfism (thanatophoric dysplasia), was taken off the ventilator that was keeping him alive. A Houston court authorized the hospital's action, and Sun died shortly thereafter. Today's Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning News have most of the details.

Both papers report that this is the first time in the United States a court has allowed life-sustaining treatment to be withdrawn from a pediatric patient over the objections of the child's parent.

Yes, you read that correctly -- the doctors discontinued life support for Hudson over the objections of his mother. And, as you can expect, the Blogging Tories, being the internally consistent and compassionate conservatives they are, were positively outraged.


So here's a suggestion, "Hunter" -- why don't you shut the fuck up and put a sock in it? The day you and your BT colleagues start giving a shit about people who aren't chic and white and ever so trendy is the day you'll have a right to have an opinion on the topic.

Are we good here? Yeah, I think we're good here.


Ti-Guy said...

There is nothing we can do with people this. They're beyond hope as long as they remain indifferent or uncritical to issues of evidence. "Hunter" seems to think this...

"No. Despite Judge Greer’s ruling, and in keeping with the 40 medical affidavits submitted to the court, all evidence proves that Terri was not in a PVS."

...constitutes evidence, when it's anything but. Affidavits are not evidence, and I'm sure a lot of these affidavits constitute speculation and theory (of course, we'd have to check that). Meanwhile, the balance of evidence (the pre-mortem direct medical examinations and the post-mortem autopsy) conclude that PVS was likely Schiavo's condition.

It's less of a problem if people like "Hunter" would simply restrict themselves to expressing moral opposition to euthenasia, but they don't stop there...they proceed to vilification and condemnation by grostesquely defaming those who don't agree with them as "Death cultists."

I don't know what really explains this kind of thing, since I don't know anyone like this who isn't in a state of mind-numbing fury or simply certifiable.

It's not just a matter of ignorance anymore, which is a state of mind that should at least engender bliss in the average person. With these types (the The Blogging Tories and all the other members of greater Wingnuttia) there's something much worse happening.

Red Tory said...

Good catch.

"Hunter" is yet another addlepated dipshit who brilliantly demonstrates the hypocritical "situational ethics" (aka, the "moral relativism" that SoCon wingnuts constantly moan and whine about "liberals" exercising as part of their alleged dementia).

The day these folks become "internally consistent" in their thinking is just about as likely to occur as Ed Mcmahon arriving on your doorstep with a million dollar cartoon cheque from Publisher's Warehouse.

Red Tory said...

Ti-Guy — Affidavits are not evidence...

No, they're most certainly not. They're merely sworn statements. I could provide an affidavit contending any sort of lunacy. Now, if there were 40 medical depositions that would be another matter altogether... But "Hunter" being the retarded KoolAid® drinker that she is, would quite naturally fail to note the difference there.

Lindsay Stewart said...

ah hahaha i love that picture! i suppose hunter would have blended right into that crowd. idiots are herd animals, after all.

Red Tory said...



Nick Gillespie (the Editor of Reason magazine, quite rightly in my opinion, suggested a while back that the kafuffle surrounding the Schiavo case was the pivotal turning point that made rational Americans finally wake up to how extensively the evangelical nutjobs have infiltrated the U.S. government and what a danger is posed by this development.

JJ said...

Hard to believe that nitwits like Hunter are still trying to claim that Terri Schiavo wasn't in a PVS. Medical report after medical report showed that 2/3 her brain was the consistency of mushroom soup.

Although I can see why that might be cause for empathy on Hunter's part, given the state of that sad little flat tire she calls a "brain".

Ti-Guy said...

They're all conspiracy nutcases. They believe that everyone who doesn't think like them have all these dark motivations for thinking they way they do....although the "death worship" baffles me, given the evidence of who exactly ends up supporting killing.

And it's not just hapless dolts like Hunter...It's a mentality found up and down the conservative food-chain.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I dunno who the frat boy with the sign is, but I'd buy him a number of beers.

Somena Woman said...

I disagree with Gilespie. I think it was the twofer of both Terri Schiavo + The incredible indifference of the President and incompetence of the Govt after Hurricane Katrina that shocked a lot of people out of their complacency... Remember the big deal made about the fact that Bush flew over the scene instead of actually landing... while Condi Rice was busy buying Chi-Chi $500 shoes and the action was left to a patronage apointed idiot Brown... "You're doing a heck-uva Job Brownie" -- Then old battle-axe Babs Bush saying that the hurricane victims who fled to Houston "were better off after the Hurricane"

That was the limit for Americans and the turning point where while living in the US at the time I actually heard people for the first time in the time I was there openly criticizing the President and this government.