Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's spelled "Matthew" but it's pronounced "ignorant, retarded dumbfuck."

I swear, you are absolutely not going to believe this. You might think you've met the stupidest people on the planet but, well, buckle up, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Recall, if you will, The Politic's Matthew and his veiled innuendo about how he had the goods on one PZ Myers:

Anyway, over at the Expelled movie website, a little tidbit was revealed today that explains that the Professor of the West might be trying to hide some skeletons of his own (much akin to the dogmatic types who insist that we acknowledge macroevolution’s reality, or else).

Matthew wasn't any more forthcoming than that, so it was left to the rest of us to guess what "tidbit" that might be. Well, brace yourself -- after getting his little weenie slapped around by almost everyone in his comments section, Matthew finally came clean thusly:

The tidbit was that PZ was in the movie. This was news to me and hence reported as such. I’m a bit surprised that it did not come out during the escapades in January but c’est la vie I guess.


Long pause.

Really, really, really fucking long pause.


That's the tidbit? That's the embarrassing revelation? That PZ is in the movie Expelled? Yeah, I guess that might be some kind of revelation if you didn't visit PZ's site and search on the word "expelled" and note that he's been writing about his role in the film since last August.

Jesus, Mary, mother of God, how much of an unspeakable retard do you have to be to think that that was news in any way? Christ, Matthew, do you do any research before putting stupid to keyboard?

And the funniest part? Matthew thinks I owe him an apology!

I expect an apology after this, particularly for that vile you [sic] post about me on your website:

You want an apology, Matthew? Here's your apology: I'm sorry you're so fucking stupid. I'm sorry for your parents and family members, who have to interact with you. I'm sorry for your friends and colleagues, and anyone else who ever comes in contact with you, since that can only be a gruesomely painful experience. And I'm sorry for the global gene pool because, really, it deserves so much better.

You idiot.

BOOT TO THE HEAD: PZ gets in his licks as well.

BONUS DUMBASSITUDE: After getting humiliated on a truly international stage, Matthew tries to salvage the situation thusly. As PZ suggested, that is some world-class stupid, isn't it?


Balbulican said...

Something strange and frightening is going on over on that side.

Impersonating a holocaust survivor is now "funny". Eliciting a respectful response for doing so is "hilarious". An acknowledged appearance in a film is now "a skeleton".

I think perhaps they really have become detached from this place and are drifting to another space where language and reason have no meaning at all.

Balbulican said...

Oh, one more. They keep referring to a person who posts something, presumably to elicit discussion, but who then ignores substantive objection, derides questions, and insults his respondents...they keep referring to that person as a "blogger".

Zorpheous said...

Oh God, I almost pee'd myself.

I love PZ comment;

"and the sad little gomer acts as if he's made an astonishing discovery."

Oh fuck, my sides are still soar.

Matty boy should be apologizing to PZ and all of Canada for making Canada look like Teh Stupid.

Unknown said...

Oh, the meta!

Matthew makes himself that little slice more of an obvious idiot by defending his childish 5:30 deadline by claiming he was parodying this comment.

Only problem is, the comment he's "parodying" was making fun of his rightly-ridiculed post here.

To quote the retard, "...until I get a direct answer to that, I will not respond to any of your inquiries as I haven’t seemed to get much of a response on mine and think I’m overdue!" Maybe he was hoping we'd forget.

Zorpheous said...



Love it

Mister DNA said...

Wait until this moron finds out that Syracuse University history professor Peter Weller is really *gasp* ROBOCOP!

Red Tory said...

Gee, I had no idea "satire" looked like that. I'm learning new stuff all the time.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm kind of feeling a bit sorry for Matthew.

But in any case, The Politic gets more revenue the more visitors it gets, so that might explain all of this.

Raphael Alexander said...

That would imply there was a plan, something I reject out of hand.

liberal supporter said...

But in any case, The Politic gets more revenue the more visitors it gets, so that might explain all of this.

How is that?

KEvron said...

in other news, dewey defeats truman....


Ti-Guy said...


How is that?

I'm not sure exactly, but the owner of the site says so.

Red Tory said...

Duh Politic is a complete waste of time, unless you happen to be some sort of a sick pervert and actually enjoy being driven completely mental by a gang of supercilious nitwits.

Jeff, The God of Biscuits said...

It's spelled "Matthew" but it's pronounced "ignorant, retarded dumbfuck."

Couldn't you replace "Matthew" with "conservative"?

Unknown said...

"Couldn't you replace "Matthew" with "conservative"?"

Don't talk dirty.