Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh, dear Lord ... I'm speechless.

From the CC Yahoo mailbag, "Whiny-ass titty baby" subfolder:


I've been getting insulting comments on your web blog. I would like to know what do you intend to do about this? If you do nothing then i assume your in agreement with them!! Then i would have no other choice but to file a complaint against your blog for harassment and insults!! Here is an example:

my email:

And they wonder why we despise them

Red Tory said...

Who let "Johnny" out of his cage? Usually he just annoys poor KNB.

Dr.Dawg said...

Ah, "Johnny" surfaces again--the fuckstick who expressed the hope last year that my partner would die "a slow and painful death." Anyone know more about this asshole?


P.S. I'm waiting for your response

As God is my witness, I have no idea what to do here, although the phrase "restraining order" leaps to mind.

BETTER AND BETTER: You had to know this was coming:


I want you to take out my email address on your blog or i will make a formal complaint against you it is personal not to be on the web. i hope you know it is illegal to do this and also the whole complaint i send you. i have called the CRTC about it . I want the whole complain deleted from your blog or i will press charges. I have to call the CRTC if i want to press charges.

Does anyone else want to piss me off today?

P.S. There's a pattern here. How long until Johnny figures it out?


Adam C said...

Tell him that if he likes, you can deny access to your blog from his IP. Then he won't get insulted anymore.

Anonymous said...

You could always put up a disclaimer that says "you have to be this tall to enter the ride" and see if he qualifies.

Shannon said...

Oh, deary me, no - not THAT!!!!

Anything but THAT!

To have a complaint filed against one's blog by an illiterate 14 year old...oh, the shame. The terror.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what he expects Blogger to do with his complaint?

I bet it won't be anything close to what he imagines they'll do.

Ti-Guy said...

I think you should tell his mommy, CC and suggest l'il Johnny spend less time on the computer.

Dr.Dawg said...

Don't waste any words on this pig. A simple pictorial message will do:

Mike said...

I don't know, there is something about the way Johnny writes, then complains in off-blog channels. He reminds me of someone...SL, the one who we shall not name? Makes me wonder if someone else isn't back...

Unknown said...

Hm. I wonder if poor baby would be insulted if we told him to grow up, since he's obviously asking to be babysat?

Yes, probably.

Adam C said...

Actually, given the nature of Dawg's complaint, I'm willing to change the nature of my suggestion to serious rather than joking.

M@ said...

Wow -- this from a guy who jubilantly "outed" me by learning my name and age (from my blogger profile -- I've never commented anonymously or tried to obscure my identity at all).

I hope I don't accidentally reveal to spammers somehow... I'm sure the CRTC would arrest me immediately.

Zorpheous said...

So you posted this guys email address,... hmmm exactly what law did cc break? Hey CC, did sign or verbally/written (via email) to Johnny not to disclose information about him? Is he a client or are you rendering services to him (allowing him to post on your blog don't count)?

Sorry Johnny, CC broke no law, but filing a false complaint is, if done so intentionally and with malice? It is also actionable in civil court should CC encure any legal expenses from your actions.

Best hope Johnny that the CRTC round files you complaint.

Scotian said...


Calling this one a whiny-ass titty baby is an insult to actual whiny-ass titty babies. What is it with these folks that think it is all fine and dandy for them to hurl invective and insults and be holier than thou in their writings but when they meet any resistance let alone someone that will fight back they get all crybaby like that? I mean really, I like to use the comparison to elementary schoolyard bullies for this sort of behaviour but even that is more mature than this level of stupidity and immaturity.

I will add though that the style is definitely making me think this is the same person as the John I used to have to put up with, including the level of immaturity being displayed here, especially the threats regarding the CRTC, as if the CRTC is going to take anything like this as being any concern of theirs. The level of sanctimony and self righteousness coming off of him with this approach continues to make me think it is the same person. Maybe if he was a telecom or something the CRTC might care, but really, this is just pathos personified.

Zorpheous said...

Mean while, at the offices of the CRTC,...

An Anonymous commenter insulted and abused on an Anonymous Bloggers blog.

Chief, its an Alert 12 Error, roll the intervention squad for an Eye Dee Ten Tango P.I.C.N.I.C. Interception. This is a serious PEBKAC situation.

Poor Johmmy, he's sure an Alert 12 Error.

Red Tory said...

Great, we get to call him "Baron Johnny" now. Nothing like a title to add a little class to his inane drivel.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Holy zooming Jebus on a moped, did Baron Johnny eat a double helping of stupid for breakfast this morning or what?

He's been insulted (ie: been called an asshole for acting like an asshole) on someone else's blog and he want to know what they are going to do about it?

My recommendation for what CC should do is this: Laugh till your sides hurt ( I know I did) and bring back the note on your side bar regarding how email will be treated as confidential unless the person is being a complete dick, in which case they will be subjected to all possible ridicule.