Wednesday, August 22, 2007

... and the Montebello stonewalling begins.

Well, it appears that Dave Coles didn't really have the "smoking gun" proof that he claimed:

Coles showed photographs of the masked men's and police officers' boots taken during the handcuffing, in which they appear to have identical tread patterns on their soles.

He also questioned why other activists have been unable to identify the three men whose images have been broadcast worldwide and demanded to know who the masked men were.

"Do they have any connection to the Quebec police force or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or are they part of some other security force that was at Montebello?" he asked, adding that he wants to know how the Prime Minister's Office was involved in security during the protests.

Sorry, Dave, but as much as the circumstantial evidence suggests it, the above doesn't constitute "proof." However, we're not done yet. Consider the following snippet from that same article:

The RCMP has refused to comment, while Quebec provincial police have flatly denied that its officers were involved in the incident.

It said it is not releasing any names as no charges were laid.

"No charges were laid"? Then what was the point of the arrests? Or, more precisely, were those really "arrests?" Someone else might need to clear this up but, once you plant someone face down on the ground, handcuff them and lead them off, don't you have to fill out some kind of booking paperwork, regardless of whether charges are laid or not? One wonders whether the arresting officers are now going to claim that they have no idea who they "arrested." Ah, but all is not lost.

At this point, if Dave Coles can't get any answers, he should announce that he wants to file charges for assault. Watch the video closely, particularly around time 0:48:

That certainly looks like assault to me. So Coles should file charges, based on the video evidence, and demand that the local law enforcement officers produce the man in question so that charges can be served. Or whatever the process is.

Then we'll see just how far down the memory hole those guys have been stuffed.

P.S. It would seem that the local police have already implicitly admitted that they know who the men were since they announced that they were "not releasing any names." That kind of suggests they know what the names are, they're just not giving them out. That's not the same as claiming that they don't know the names, is it?

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