Friday, August 24, 2007

These kids nowadays.

Honestly, what are you supposed to do with someone this vacuous and ill-informed?

Bush Puts War with Al Qaeda in Historical Context, invokes Vietnam

Speaking to the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars National Convention, George Bush ushered up some powerful examples from history to explain why America should not lose sight of victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a break with past avoidance of any comparison to Vietnam, President Bush takes it square on: ...

Yessir, that's some powerful stuff. Except for, uh, this from 2006 (emphasis added):

Q ... Do you see, as some of your critics do, a parallel between what's going on in Iraq now and Vietnam?


Q Why?

THE PRESIDENT: Because there's a duly-elected government; 12 million people voted. They said, we want something different from tyranny, we want to live in a free society. And not only did they vote for a government, they voted for a constitution. Obviously, there is sectarian violence, but this is, in many ways, religious in nature, and I don't see the parallels.

Let this be a lesson to all you budding, wingnut pundits out there. On the one hand, there are people who do their research, who know their history, and who subsequently don't come off sounding like slavishly obedient, stenographic twerps. And then there's George.

You must choose wisely.

HE'S GETTING UP ... HIT HIM AGAIN: All you need to do is put Google to work to learn that countless folks from across the political spectrum are seriously pissed with Commander Codpiece for dragging Vietnam into the discussion. Here, Editor & Publisher's Greg Mitchell puts his police-issue, Vibram boots to the chimp for his dumbassitude.

Honestly, George, you really shouldn't try to play with the grown-up pundits. You've tried it before, and it always turns out badly.

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Red Tory said...

It’s a fun game to hunt through Google for all the vigorous denials that Iraq is anything like Vietnam. Here’s one from DiaperMedia™ blogger Claudia Rosett who’s journalist-in-residence at the right-wing Foundation for the Defense of Democracies that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 2003 entitled “Is Iraq Like Vietnam? The Vietnamese should be so lucky.”

Believe it if you can that she actually wrote this: “For all Iraq’s many troubles, the Vietnamese should be so lucky as to have the opportunities now before the Iraqis.” Rosett asserted then that in today’s Iraq (circa 2003, mind you) “despite the complaints, there has been no stampede for the exits.” Actually, more than 2 million have fled Iraq since the war began with another 2 million displaced within the country.

You never know what sort of nonsense you'll find pouring over the old prognostications of the right-wing about Iraq.