Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Attention wankers: This is how it's done.

Fresh on the news of Houston mayor and CPoC party MILF Sharon Smith's shiny new position as "liaison to the federal government" for the riding of Skeena-Bulkley Valley, it seems that there's more where that came from:

Meet Brendan Bell, the North's very own right winger in residence. He is currently an MLA in the NWT assembly, but he is not running for re-election in the upcoming territorial election this October. And why is that? Well, he'll be running for the Conservatives against Western Arctic MP Dennis Bevington in the next federal election, but in the meantime he will be named - you guessed it - special liaison to the federal government for the people of the Western Arctic.

But, wait! What's this? There's no linky substantiation so, despite this being just a tail-waggingly exciting story, some of Tim's readers are having none of this:

One question, Tim? What's the source for this info? Has there been a media release issued? Unable to find anything.

Actually, Tim, could you answer Frank's question? I can't find this anywhere, and it would be nice to quote a direct source.

Yes, I listened to the Daybreak North audio clips early Sunday. Do we have a link for the Brendan Bell 'appointment'? I want to believe that it's true because I sense a pattern emerging - appoint a 'direct liaison to the federal government' in obscure, remote ridings with an NDP incumbent. But there is nothing corroborating what is stated in the post about Brendan Bell being appointed.

Actual corroboration: It's the progressive thing to do. Because without it, well, things can get embarrassing.

P.S. If anyone has any nekkid pics of Mr. Bell, my e-mail address is over there on the right.

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Pale said...

I know I know....Shallow shallow of me...But.
If you have seen even the publicity pictures of Mr Bell, well....you wouldn't invite such terrors upon your PC.