Sunday, August 26, 2007

How long, O Lord, how long ...

... are we going to have to listen to yet more wankerific variations of, "Undercover provocateurs? Yeah, right ... as if. What kind of brain-damaged, moonbat conspiracy theory is that? I mean, what in God's name would be the point!? And now you're all babbling about yellow triangles on boots!? Holy crap, give me a break! Man, talk about a bunch of whiny, paranoid ... paranoid ... oh, so they really were undercover cops? Well, uh, of course, what did you expect, it makes perfect sense. If they weren't there, they wouldn't be doing their jobs, right? What's your problem?"

Today's Blogging Tory contestant (since he actually explicitly asked for my opinion) is one "Christian Conservative", who we shall dub "ChCon" for short, and who demonstrates no more logic than his BT colleagues:

My view on the SQ posing as protesters

Man ... that's pathetic -- can't even past the title without starting to dissemble. They weren't just "posing as protestors," ChCon, they were dressed to provoke violence. What the fuck part of that do you just not grok? But the Born Again wankitude continues in a steady stream:

Now that the Quebec police have come out and admitted their men were there posing as protesters, I think the whole way everything went down actually makes more sense... at least to me. All you have to do is just think about it logically for a minute...

Ah, yes ... a self-admitted "Born-Again Christian, redeemed by the shed blood of the risen and eternal Lord Jesus Christ," encouraging us not to abandon logic for what follows. Oh, man, you just know this is going to be tail-waggingly good:

Various protests in recent years have gotten violent, and its sometimes hard for police to control the situation, get accurate intel, and determine who should be charged and such after the fact. So, it makes sense to have your own men amongst the crowd.

Yes, yes, ChCon ... so far, so good ... you're doing fine. Which means that the jaw-dropping logical disconnect can't be far behind. Ah ... here we go:

However, a kink was thrown into the works this time... the union folks who decided to show up and form their own buffer line, seperating the police and the protesters. By setting up their own buffer line (with good intent I think), they were cutting off the officers from their own lines! Of COURSE, when your in a hostile situation, you're going to want to keep within eyes and arms reach of your collegues!

Well, of course, that's it. Because when you're trying to blend in with a large crowd of protestors, nothing says "solidarity" like insisting on hanging out comfortably, arms distance from the local constabulary. Really, must I continue?

But ChCon isn't finished; apparently, there's some fragile shred of logic and reason that he still needs to take out back and pistol whip:

As for the cop who was holding a rock... perhaps in his mind, it was just a prop to help him blend in. (so long as he was only copying what he saw others doing, and not starting the trend amongst the protesters)

Good point, ChCon -- walking around, completely masked and carrying a dangerous rock was just the thing to help him blend in, since all it did was provoke numerous protestors to scream at him to drop said rock, all recorded on video. An absolute master of disguise, that one.

Bottom line is, it all makes logical sense to me.

And I'm sure that doesn't surprise a single one of my readers even a little bit. Not anymore.

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Red Tory said...

That guy is utterly hopeless. He should be forbidden from using the word "logic" seeing as he has absolutely no grasp of the concept whatsoever.

Curse those union protesters for screwing up the cunning plans of the SQ by... um, being there.