Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lucy, you got some serious 'splainin' to do.

I'm guessing somebody is going to regret not taking the time to come up with a better lie than this one (emphasis added):

Police said that after viewing the clip, they were able to confirm the men were Quebec provincial police officers.

I'm sorry ... the police are saying that they had no idea that the three provocateurs were also police until they watched the YouTube clip? They didn't know that while those three idiots were cavorting around with rocks, while they were being arrested or while they were subsequently being freed without being charged? Not during any of that time!? They're saying that that's how they would normally treat potentially violent demonstrators?

This so needs a public inquiry in the worst way. This isn't even remotely close to being over.

P.S. In other hard-hitting, fast-breaking news, self-proclaimed CPoC pundit and Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor wants you to know that the CBC still sucks.


Police said the three undercover officers were only at the protest to locate and identify non-peaceful protesters in order to prevent any incidents.

OK, so just how would that work?

"Hey, chief, how exactly do we identify these 'non-peaceful protestors'?"

"Easy ... they're normally the ones wearing masks and carrying dangerous objects."

"Um ... OK, but here's the problem ..."


Steve V said...

These clowns are actually saying the protesters had "objects" and they were merely responding, when the violent mob turned on them. I would to hear any evidence of "object" throwing just prior to the video. We saw riot police with cameras, surely there is evidence of protesters with "objects", although the YT video shows the opposite.

The police said the undercover agents were exposed when they refused to throw objects. Funny, all the protesters calling them cops were holding nothing, and yet the "peace officer" had a chunk of canadian shield. No wonder the Quebec police said they will have nothing further to add. If you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sound of truth being buried, deep.

Ti-Guy said...

Jesus, that Stephen Taylor sure is a gas-bag. He's always con-fabbing with luminaries, although they're always anonymous.

How grasping.

Unknown said...

If the Quebec police only found out about these guys after watching the video, then these guys should be disciplined by the force for doing this without any orders by their superiors. Yes?