Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Apparently, those "go-to liaisons" are getting around.

One's just a fluke. Two's a coincidence. Three? That's definitely a pattern:

Vancouver Island North MP Catherine Bell has already had a similar situation happen to her in her riding. Several months ago, the Tories named a candidate as the “go-to person” for the Conservative party, in what Cullen feels is an effort to undermine her and give the perception that she is not doing her job.

However, he is not sure yet if this practice is something the government has been doing across the whole country or not.

I believe we have our answer. Now we just have to wait for the MSM to finally clue in.

And a pony. I'd like a pony, too.


Unknown said...

CC, I had no idea this was a trend. Now I wish I had kept the letter I got two weeks ago from the Cons.

I'm in Toronto Centre, and the letter said that since Bill Graham had retired, our liaison would now be a Con MP. I don't remember the name (her name?), but I believe it was the Con party Whip.

I remember being extremely irritated, thinking, "Even if I don't have a sitting MP at the moment, do you think for a second I'll be going to a CON for help if I need it??" I'd be getting in touch with Stephane Dion or, more likely since I'm in Toronto, Jack Layton.

I had no idea they were doing this even to people who have sitting MPs!

So I guess you can count this as a fourth. With the disclaimer that in this case, they can claim they have a plausible excuse.

JJ said...

The MSM picks up the story


Unknown said...

THANK you for that link, JJ!

I've sent it to The Current, at the CBC, telling them they HAVE to cover this. When I get home today I'll send it to more news departments there, as well as start bugging other news outlets.

This HAS to get out!

This is our Diebold, it would seem. Heh.

Scotian said...

I can't say this surprises me given this is the sort of thing I have feared and expected from Harper all along given his naked contempt for how things actually work in this country. We know how much he thinks all Liberals are scum and that anyone that does not agree with him is stupid/limited/ignorant in some manner, so the idea of only listening to reps his party appoints from his own party instead of the opposition MPs duly elected for specific ridings is alas perfectly consistent.

I'll be updating my post at Saundrie on this issue later today thanks to this additional info CC, I'd do it now but I have to head out very soon.