Thursday, August 23, 2007

Missing in action: The Blogging Tories.

Perhaps the funniest feature of this whole Montebello provocateur brouhaha is how Canada's stalwart, right-wing defenders, the Blogging Tories, are virtually nowhere to be seen. People who are perpetually yapping on about freedom and democracy seem spectacularly indifferent to the thought of the state infiltrating perfectly respectable and legal public demonstrations, for the sole purpose of causing trouble and perhaps inciting violence.

The few BTs who have bothered to lift their heads out of their beer glasses can't seem to muster anything more enthusiastic than, "Yeah, I guess if they were cops and they had rocks and they were going to start a riot, well, I guess that wouldn't have been cool. I guess. Whatever." At least, those were the ones who weren't outright mocking and ridiculing everyone else as conspiracy theorists and moonbats.

On the other hand, based on a quick perusal of the BT front page at the moment, they're just the folks you want to talk to if you want to know about an Australian bunny fence, American bumper stickers, a Palestinian football team, more freaking toothpaste, a baseball blowout, and whether Jean Claude van Damme is gay. But blatant infiltration of a democratic assembly? Whoops, just look at the time, will you?

And Boy Detective Steve Janke? Hey, don't interrupt the man. It's a tough job linking to the MSM but, God knows, someone has to do it.


thwap said...

Back in the 1990s, they said that Jean Claude van Damme ("The Muscles From Brussells") had a spectacular ass.

I know for a fact that he made some really shitty movies.

Antonia Z said...

You're doing an awesome job here, CC!!

AUGUST 23, 2007


OTTAWA – NDP MPs Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster) and Libby Davies (Vancouver East) are calling on the federal government to hold a public inquiry into the allegations that agent provocateurs were used during Monday’s protest in Montebello, Quebec.

A letter to the Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day was issued earlier today.


You can email/petition all the party leaders via this link: