Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Attention: Stupid overload on Aisle 3.

Shorter Aaron (Spanky) Unruh: "If you ignore the overwhelming evidence that's been flowing through the blogosphere for the last two days and let me concentrate solely on just that one teeny, tiny, publicly-retracted inaccuracy, then I think I have a devastatingly witty rejoinder, wouldn't you say?"

MORE SPANKERIFIC, WINGNUTTERY GOODNESS: Spanky is pretty much creaming himself over this, isn't he?

Screwupandretractitude Update: CC has retracted his dumb, unfounded accusation. That is usually what people do with dumb, unfounded accusations after they’ve been caught out, isn’t it? Really. Perhaps if someone would learn to do a little research, he wouldn’t have to print out retractions.

Spanky's got a point. Only cowards print public and unambiguous retractions. On the other hand, it takes a real man to make fun of female genital mutilation and, when he's ripped to pieces for it, go back quietly under cover of darkness and edit out the juicy bits of that post and hope no one notices.

P.S. Hey, Spank ... when can we expect a retraction for that piece of dumb, unfounded, badly-researched dreck you posted on gay marriages and life spans? Oh, right:

But here’s the deal. I provide the link, you go read if you like, “refute” whatever you like, and leave me alone. How hard is this? And if you don’t like the articles I link, then treat the presence of my name at the top of posts as a warning: “Oops, my feelings are about to be hurt, had better not read.”

I'm guessing that means, "Not right this minute." Yeah, we'd kind of gathered that.


Ti-Guy said...

Just do what Spanky does...never retract anything.

thwap said...

That takes a lot of nerve, and very little brains, ... wot that spankster did.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I knew they'd do this.

They must think, instead, that it would have been far, far better if I had lied and pretended the mistake never happened.

Gotta love their "morality." Hurray for the party of values, eh?

I prefer to be honest, Cons. Sorry.

And I'm sure you'd never have the guts to cut and paste THIS comment. Buncha cowards, along with those other big "values" of yours.