Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The dumbassitude is unbelievable.

If you've never been embarrassed by your species, then I suggest you buckle up, because some of the comments on this CTV piece are beyond belief. (Short disclaimer: I left a short comment there, you'll recognize it when you run across it.)

And now, for the jaw-dropping idiocy:

Yellow triangles on boots makes them police officers? Give me a break. I have a blue shirt at home, so I must be a cop too. I would love to see the QPP prove that these men were not cops, and litigate the CEP and Dave Coles for defamation.

... what would be the motivation to stage this deceptive act to provoke the protesters ??

Union people, 'veteran protestors', and others with a vested interest are not to be believed, period.

Thanks, AW! I see now... I guess I'm a cop too, I have the same pair of boots at home!!!

Police often go under cover...drug busts and so on, but to say they where there in incite trouble....give me a break! They where likely there (if it's true!) to find out what the protesters had in mind and I have no problems with that. ...

Think maybe the cops had infiltrators in the crowd in order to monitor and collect intelligence? why does everyone assume if they were cops that they had malicious intent?

Either way, who cares. If the "real" protesters didn't get violent or cause problems, they wouldn't be bothered by the police. But they started to throw things and start fires so naturally, they were stopped.

And the problem is??? If the police need to infiltrate I say go for it.

If they were cops, they were undercover (except for the boots) and had a right to be there, this protest turned violent a few times and I can't blame the cops if they put someone in their midst to find out who was inciting the violence. Does anyone here really believe that the police had a meeting to see how they could provoke the protesters to become violent? What would be the point of that, you people see conspiracy everywhere.

So these police officers (who are often attacked by groups of protesters) placed some of there own in the group to try and determine who the troublemakers are? sounds like a good idea to me.

Has anyone even stopped to consider that it was a ploy by the police to state that they are serious about having a zero-tolerance policy? They stage it like this and show that they WILL arrest if you push them to!?

These professional protesters don't need to be discredited anymore than they already are. The only good thing about having the protesters at the summit was that it got them out of their parents' basements.

I have no time for unions. Even less now I know they know a cop when they umm, see one.

So given that the protest itself was a complete fizzle the only thing left is "Hey, we're being spied on!" Has anyone considered maybe they were protesters trying to portray themselves as cops under cover? Like the man said, you can't trust unions, period.

I have a pair of yellow triangle boots as do all 3 of my sons. I am going to take this opportunity to confess that we are the 4 persons in the picture. None of us are police officers. Has someone faked this picture?

The protestors were supposed to stay in the designated protesting zones. They broke the rules, and if those guys are proven to be cops, then I believe that the police were fully warranted in doing it.

I am suddenly very afraid for my country.


Ferdzy said...

Just tell those union-hating cop-lovers that cops belong to unions. Then stand back and watch their heads explode.

Ha, ha just kidding. Their ability to know two facts and completely fail to connect them is never-ending.

chris said...

Now, that is sad.
My favorite was, "...they're commie,tree-hugging, pinko leftists of NDP type."
The commenter left out a resounding, "So there!!!"

thwap said...

As I said earlier, ... if the left can win an election here, we do to them what they do to us.

Unknown said...

...and thereby perpetuate the endless war they've invented. Us against them.

Rather, we have to create a country where both sides actually feel like they belong, and feel comfortable.

I don't actually know how we can do that, and the right wingnuts seem to WANT eternal war. The only solution to them may indeed be to create a country where they are so permanently restricted they can never make war (physical, psychological, or legal) on anyone again.

The problem is, I think that would simply turn us into them. And I don't see how that would be any better.

We may indeed be left with nothing but your revenge fantasy, thwap, and believe me, I share it most of the time. But you know from most history that we would eventually become the same people they are. I don't know what the real solution to that can ever be.

Ti-Guy said...

The right-wingnut voice is over-amplified in our media and in our public discourse and that's the issue we have to tackle. I don't see any need to engage total war (although I love the drama in the rhetoric) but the phenomenon at its root is the ability for completely marginal opinion to appear to be more influential than it is.

This isn't a political issue, although the right-wingnuts are intent on framing it that way...the common cause all sensible people should be supporting is that this ignorant, pugilistic, overbearing tone is given too much attention by the media.

thwap said...

"Rather, we have to create a country where both sides actually feel like they belong, and feel comfortable."

I understand your sentiments but not your logic.

By "both sides" you do realize of course that one of them is racist, thuggish, lying, thieving, stupid, criminal, war-mongering, cheating, greedy assholes?

We'll never be rid of these people, and we'll never be able to change them. The best thing for the majority of the population will be if we can keep these vermin contained and powerless.

Unknown said...

Ti-guy, I agree that they're a minority when it comes to numbers of people. But they're got their tentacles (and their money) so deeply embedded in society's institutions now that the effects they have are vast. Yes, their rhetoric is all about war, but their influence is way out of proportion to their numbers (certainly in the U.S., and increasingly so here).

By "both sides" you do realize of course that one of them is racist, thuggish, lying, thieving, stupid, criminal, war-mongering, cheating, greedy assholes?

Thwap, the problem is that the leaders are exactly as you describe. But their followers -- people like all my fundamentalist relatives and their friends and extende families, for example -- are not. Those are the people who are convinced by the thugs et al that they can't live in the society as it is, and must therefore ram a fascist theocracy down everyone else's throats.

None of my relatives or their friends are thugs or criminals. For the most part, they're kind and compassionate people who are trying to get on in life, and don't really want to hurt anyone. But the thugs have convinced them (through the loudly-screaming minority voice ti-guy mentioned) that the rest of us in society are out to destroy them.

To create a society where what's going on now couldn't happen again, we'd somehow have to remove that minority and its influence, and then convince the well-meaning majority of their followers that in fact we can all live together in this society, and letting us live as we please will not mean they will be destroyed as a result.

So while I agree with you about the leaders being thugs and criminals, most of their followers are, at worst, terribly deceived. And most of them, like most citizens in general, have difficulty digging as deeply as people in the blogosphere do to get at the real facts. Most of them have enough on their plate, just trying to work and provide for their families. I don't regard them as the same sort of criminals as their leaders, yet those are the people who are afraid of us.