Friday, August 31, 2007

Tick ... tick ... tick ...

Still waiting ...

P.S. Patrick makes some promises (emphasis added):

You can rest assured that, when I ascertain your true identity (and I will), I will publish it here on the Nexus. Then I'll mail copies of your comments to your friends and family.

That's really amusing, Patrick, since my family knows I write this blog, and my father's been dead for a few years now. But, hey, knock yourself out.

DEEP AFTERTHOUGHTS: One has to wonder what it is about blogging anonymity that so enrages emotional infants like Patrick Rosshole and Weiner Patels.

It's more than a little amusing to take their illogical rants and eviscerate them slowly and methodically, only to have them respond with. "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm going to find out who you are and tell the world!" It's exactly akin to logically and meticulously deconstructing someone's inane position, only to have them reply with, "Well, OK, but ... but ... you're ugly!"

Quite simply, it's the mark of someone with absolutely nothing of any value to say, except that they feel they have to say something. Mr. Ross has no meaningful comebacks to the intellectual beatings he's been taking lately, so his only recourse is to get deeply personal and vindictive. The word "sad" doesn't begin to describe that.

One might also wonder why neither Ross nor Patels seem all that interested in outing any of the anonymous writers over at the Blogging Tories, since there do seem to be a number of them (at least at first glance): "Halls of Macadamia", "the blog quebecois", "Gay and Right," etc. There you go, guys -- what could be more fun than outing a gay conservative? Wouldn't that be just a hoot? Fucker wants to hide behind an anonymous blog? Not while you two are around, eh?

But, strangely, you don't hear much squealing from Weiner about that, do you? One guesses that it's not anonymity that so bothers him; it's just anonymous bloggers who slap him around. Yes, that's the issue, isn't it? Weiner hates anonymity, but if you play nice and don't give him a hard time, he's cool with that. How utterly selective, wouldn't you say?

In any event, I'm sure Patrick is working his little fingers into stubbies tracking me down. After all, it beats actually addressing the issues or learning anything. 'Cuz that stuff is, like, hard work.

P.P.S. One can only imagine how productive Mr. Ross might be if he spent as much time investigating, say, political corruption as he did chasing anonymous bloggers around the Internets and threatening people. He might actually end up writing something that was worth reading.

I'm not holding my breath.


Sparky said...

The bit I like is when I try and post a comment 'over there' and nothing happens
Yeah, can't be anonymous!! That's verboten!!
But letting people post contrary comments on your posts?? Yeah whatever!
I believe someone used the term 'echo chamber' once...

Ti-Guy said...

With this comment...

Then I'll mail copies of your comments to your friends and family.

Patrick Ross slipped into potential criminal stalking. I suggest you ignore him because I don't think he's right in the head. Of course, you could bait him until he actually does something illegal, but I think that's a little immoral.

I actually thought at one point that Patrick was viewing all of this as simply ridiculous performance art, but when you start bringing in family members for whom there is absolutely no public information, you really do cross a line.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

or this: "How would you like to face your friends and family with those comments? Do you think your parents would be proud of you?"

Embarrassingly, the thing that Patrick doesn't realize is that there are quite a few of us who no longer actually live with our parents.

CC said...


It gets better than that. If you read Patrick's idiocy, he seems to think that I'm threatening legal action by me. He doesn't understand that what I'm talking about is possible legal action by the poor schmuck that he identifies as me if something untoward happens to that person, and it can be shown that it happened because of Patrick's misidentification.

The fact that Patrick couldn't figure that out just shows what an imbecile he is. But if he wants to play the odds, hey, go right ahead.

M@ said...

Dude -- be very, very careful not too piss Patrick off any more. I mean, he knows what the top of your house looks like. He might even know what the top of your mom's house looks like!

The Zeppelin of Assholery could be on its way right now to make use of this knowledge and take you down!

Red Tory said...

Crabgrass — He pulled that line of bullshit on me a while back too. The fact that my parents are dead didn't seem to change his mind on this point. Apparently, he was also under the impression that if my identity was known people would shun me on the street. What a nutcase.

CC said...

RT writes:

"He pulled that line of bullshit on me a while back too. The fact that my parents are dead didn't seem to change his mind on this point."

Did Patrick have an alibi for the day in question? Just curious.

Larry Moran said...

One has to wonder what it is about blogging anonymity that so enrages emotional infants like Patrick Rosshole and Weiner Patels.

I can't speak for those idiots but I can offer some advice of my own.

I don't like anonymous bloggers. It somehow seems cowardly to attack others so relentlessly while hiding behind the cover of anonymity.

I pretty much agree with everything you write but I'd have a lot more respect for you if you would sign your name to your postings.

Incidentally, do you appreciate the irony of forbidding anonymous comments on your blog?

This blog does not allow anonymous comments.

M@ said...

Larry -- CC does allow pseudonymous comments. The problem with allowing comments without a blogger ID, I think, is that one gets so many anonymous comments it gets difficult to sort out who said what.

Unlike on Werner Patel's site, where to post you must provide your full name, address, mother's maiden name, and SIN. Such a nice place to visit.

Sparky said...

Anonymous and putting one's actual name on there are two different things--I'm Sparky. Pretty much anon, but at least when I read a comment from 'Sparky', I, and everyone else here, knows it's from me.
In the past, there'd be many 'anonymous' comments on posts and it was a tad confusing trying to know who said what.

Sparky said...

And let's talk about the fact that CC doesn't filter contrarian comments. From what I've seen, he stops obtuse jackasses from posting inane comments repeatedly, but post something worth reading--even if it's contrary to what he believes, is still posted.
Unlike, say, those folks we're talkign about right now trying to 'out' CC. I've tried repeatedly to post comments there--denied! And my comments, much like here, weren't tantrums or profane ridden trash. Just expressing my contrary opinoin, and yet, not posted.
I'll take CC's 'anonymous' blog postings over censored-to-the=point-of-echo-chamber rantings any day of the week. Here I know I can debate and disagree without being shut out.

CC said...


For the longest time, I did allow anonymous comments, but that attracted the occasional cretin who would, just to be a dick, simply fill my comments section with stupidity -- dozens and dozens of valueless, off-topic rantings, just for the sheer pleasure of being a nuisance. So all I required is that commenters register with Blogger, where they could make up any Blogger handle they wanted, which would still allow them to be completely anonymous.

But I'll tell you what I'm going to do, Larry -- I'm going to turn anonymous comments back on. If everyone behaves, I'll leave them on and we'll all get along fine.

On the other hand, if things get out of hand, then you'll see what I was talking about.

And as for blogging anonymously in the first place, I happen to make a living as an independent contractor of a sort, and my ideological leanings would almost certainly cost me business.

Unlike you, Larry, I don't have tenure. And that makes all the difference.

CC said...


"sparky" makes the other salient point I was going to make. If there are too many anonymous bloggers commenting on the same thread, it becomes impossible to tell them apart, and you end up referring to people with "anonymous @ 11:35".

As I said, you can still retain your anonymity with an arbitrary Blogger handle, and it makes following the conversation way easier. But, just for you, anonymous comments are back on. Let's see how well that works out, shall we?

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

M@: "Dude -- be very, very careful not too piss Patrick off any more. I mean, he knows what the top of your house looks like"

If he finds out what the bottom of your shoe looks like, then you're fucked, as we have seen.

CC said...

m@ writes:

"Dude -- be very, very careful not too piss Patrick off any more. I mean, he knows what the top of your house looks like."

Well, he knows what the top of someone's house looks like, but I'm pretty sure it's not mine.

Red Tory said...

CC — An alibi? No, not that I recall.

You know, it’s funny because I gave this dickhead the benefit of the doubt — even said some quite nice things about him — and also told him to drop me an e-mail and I’d tell him exactly who I was, etc. and put aside the nastiness. He said he wasn’t interested and wanted nothing to do with me. Then he goes on a rampage, with 18 posts dedicated to ME, plus he has my old avatar on his site and a quote from me. There are some who might think that was pretty unstable, highly irrational behaviour. Of course, it’s also completely self-serving on his part. Basically, the only time he ever gets any feedback from readers is when he’s talking about me. It seems nobody gives two shits about his thoughts on safety rails in subways or whatever else he natters on about.

Anonymous said...

Larry, when I started on the internet in 1999, I was quite a right-winger myself. I also agreed, pretty much, with the idea that one's comments carried much more weight if they were willing to attach their own names to them.

I've gradually moved pretty far left in my political leanings over the years. One of the reasons, naturally, was learning a lot more about what happened in the world.

But another big reason -- and this is anecdotal, so it might have been different for others -- was that I saw, over and over and over again, that whenever there was a stalking (that frequently spilled over into real life and occasionally became dangerous), it always seemed to be a right-wingnut doing it.

These were the people who cheered when abortion doctors were murdered. Who tried to get in touch with the bosses of people they disagreed with online, to slander them. Who, yes, found out where people lived and went there, surreptitiously or, occasionally, not.

Frankly, I can't possibly blame anyone for using a pseud because they don't want to put their lives (or their families' lives!) potentially in danger.

I continue to use my own first name because, frankly, if something were to happen to me because of such wingnut stalkers, it might finally send a message to my blindly ideological right-wingnut family members: "See? YOUR PEOPLE did this. Don't you associate with just the most righteous crowd!"

Zorpheous said...

"Well, he knows what the top of someone's house looks like, but I'm pretty sure it's not mine."

Going to tear this internet newbie investigator a new one shortly, LOL, they make it so easy when they think they understand how the tubes on the internets are connected, LOL

I love being an asshole!

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

"But ... but ... you're ugly!"

That one made me laugh because you were spot on, CC.

Case in point (I also posted this at RT's):

I took the following from Mr. Patel's "Riff-Raff" post (he deleted my comment but not his response to it - so, if my comment was "useless", why respond to it? But I digress). These two comments follow Mr. Patel's response to my deleted "useless comment":

"I wouldn't worry about Mentarch, Werner. He's too busy picking out a wardrobe that he thinks makes him look smart.

Posted by: Patrick Ross | August 26, 2007 at 02:19 PM

Really? I wasn't aware that Mentarch was a fashion blogger ...

Posted by: Werner Patels | August 26, 2007 at 08:09 PM

Translation: "But ... but ... Mentarch, you're ugly!"

So nice of them to prove you right, CC - no?

These two "intellectual giants" are truly hilarious indeed.


Red Tory said...

Mentarch — They're really almost too easy to lampoon.

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

And now he is publicly attacking me.

How utterly predictable (LOL).

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

... and here's my response.

Gotta go - have a great week-end, ya'll ;-)

Larry Moran said...


If it's any comfort to you, I've been using my real name on the internet for 25 years now. This includes thousands of postings to volatile newsgroups like where my views about creationism are well-known.

I've always signed my name to comments on blogs even when I'm attacking some right-wing asshole or some Christian fundamentalist idiot. On my own blog [Sandwalk] I use my full name and I've identified where I hang out. I have a photograph.

So far nothing has happened to me and I haven't even received any threats. Perhaps the danger you fear is somewhat exaggerated?

CC said...


If Zorpheous was here, I'm guessing he might have some interesting stories to tell.