Saturday, August 25, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Canada's wanks as wanky as ever. No, really.

So, even after War Child Canada's [Name withheld by request, call him "Fred"] explained to Steve "The Wankulator" Janke how 1) all the production costs of the "Camp Okutta" commercial were covered by donations and is a "pro bono" campaign, and 2) all of the dangerous effects in the commercial were computer generated, well, it seems Steve's commenters have learned nothing from l'affaire Montebello. Let's go see:

Fred, that is all well and good, but there are still major safety infractions concerning the way those children were firing those weapons. What little personal protective equipment they had, which all I can see is under rated foam for their ears, was not even inserted properly, on that one child it is insert across the ear canal not inserted into it. You might as well not even have it on. The list of safety infractions is quite lengthy and I can only assume that any parents that were there and allowed their children to continue has no fire arm training either.

Hmmmmmm ... what part of "computer generated" still escapes you?

If the ERU guys were involved they should all be suspended and sent back to the Ontario Police College for retraining.

The safety aspects that were clearly blown in the video are inexcusible.

Oh and unless the fake grenade blasts were created by Compressed air.........chemicals were involved. That would also explain the use of pyrotechnicians.

Not to mention if the "dust" was created "away" from the children.....why exactly do you see it dropping on top of them?

Nope..........not going to buy it.

Say it with me slowly now ... "computer generated."

I am curious as to why this charity is using FAKE cinema and FALSE pretence to scoop up donations?

Is the cause not worthy enough?

Are the "Pro Bono" contributers not expecting any remuneration for all those trauma, explosive, arms, safety etc etc salaries?

This looks like a SCAM!

So ... real explosives? Dangerous!! Fake explosives? It's a scam! Nice to see that even the mentally retarded get their turn at the keyboard.

They undoubtedly took the very wise and cautious step of securing a big, fat government grant before a single frame of video was shot. We should all be so careful.

"Pro bono," remember?

Yet another charity with Scads-0-Dollars to burn on niche ads.

I wonder if the veneer was peeled off, how many salaries, Escolades, mortgages etc. would be revealed as being funded by this (yet another) charity.

Jesus freaking Christ, what part of "pro bono" do you intellectual imbeciles just not get!?

Every once in a while, I have to wonder how I'm still sane after reading this stuff on a regular basis. God, give me strength.


Niles said...

If they don't stick their non CGI fingers into their non CGI ears and hum loudly enough over this CGI braintrust exposed atrocity of inhuman cruelty towards Canadian children abused by exploitive Charity, these poor souls might have to pay attention to the governmental/law enforcement bodies deliberately undermining the right to legal protest. Heaven forfend! This is the same crowd that looks to '24' for reality grounded international negotiating techniques.

Never mind the *real* enslaved child soldiers in the world suffering the *reality* of all the *real* violence they are put through to sate the ego of murderous warlords.

Besides, you *have* overestimated their vocabulary, CC. They're going to ignore you harping on about Pro Bono. What's the family of Sonny got to do with anything?

Adam C said...

I'm a little confused by this reaction, honestly. I'm not surprised that these people are idiots - heck, even smart blogs have idiot readers - but generally the right is considered to be pro-charity. Personal decisions for giving, communities rather than governments and all that. Instead these guys are ripping into WCC.

Has the right become so pro-war (or at least pro-gun) that a campaign against the use of child soldiers seems like crazed moonbattery to them?

That guy said...

Has the right become so pro-war (or at least pro-gun) that a campaign against the use of child soldiers seems like crazed moonbattery to them?


Glad I was here to clear that up! :)