Saturday, August 25, 2007

The joy of juxtaposition.

On the one hand (all emphasis added):

The sight of hundreds of red-clad troop supporters at the Canadian National Exhibition was “a visible show, a tangible show of support for our men and women in uniform,” he said.

“They hear it, they see the pictures of it, they get the messages from it and it makes their eyes open big and makes them realize they do have support from their country.” ...

Mr. MacKay said similar rallies held across Canada mean a lot to the troops, and he thanked the Toronto crowd for an “important and impressive” show of support...

“Seeing all these people here makes me feel a lot better,” said Cpl. Lancelot Williams, a reservist with the Queen's York Rangers regiment.

On the other hand:

As riot police fired tear gas and pepper spray to hold back demonstrators outside the Montebello summit, Stephen Harper shook hands with George W. Bush and dismissed the protest as a "sad" spectacle...

"I've heard it's nothing," the prime minister said when asked whether he'd seen the protesters.

"A couple hundred? It's sad."

I don't know what I'd do without the Internets. I'm sure it would involve drinking heavily, though.

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M@ said...

I disagree -- I think the internet is what keeps my raging alcohol addiction alive. If I were blissfully ignorant of this shit, I wouldn't have half the reason to drink.

CC, you owe me a new liver.