Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad journalism, CTV. No biscuit.

As I pointed out in an update to an earlier post, CTV did a particularly shallow job in covering this CPoC "go-to" liaison story:

Government officials have distanced themselves from Harris's unofficial appointment of Smith as the riding representative in Ottawa.

"He just kind of did that himself,'' government spokesman Ryan Sparrow said of Harris's move.

"(Smith) is the Conservative candidate in the next election. That's her only official capacity.''

Um ... yes, and what about the other alleged "go-to" liaisons? Lord, but if we're going to do CTV's job for it, we should at least get paid, don't you think?

(In all fairness, they did just pick up the story from Canadian Press but, still, it's not like we haven't been trying to clue them in. They owe us better than that.)

P.S. Over at ACR, Frank Frink points out the kind of obvious:

Ever hear of a Conservative Party MP 'just kinda of doing that by himself'? Or doing anything that hasn't been approved by the braintrust in the PMO?

Frank's right -- this is not a party that tolerates freewheeling by its MPs. This sleazy scheme came from only one place, and it was from much higher up than Dick Harris.

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