Sunday, August 26, 2007

So much for that "free market" thingy.

Apparently, rampant, unfettered capitalism with no annoying and inefficient government oversight or intrusion has its limits:

August 25, 2007
Chinese to buy Seagate?

This is a potentially worrying development. With all the espionage China engages in in the West it is very disturbing indeed to think that they could control something as sensitive as widely used disk storage.

I certainly hope this deal doesn't go through. It would be very difficult to detect all the ways such products could be compromised if used in highly sensitive applications.

Posted by Jaeger at August 25, 2007 10:04 PM

I'm thinking someone should take Jaeger aside and remind him whose side he's on.


Red Tory said...

The Wingnuterer on the second comment: "...don't know how to break this to you,... but Seagate is already manufactured in China. Secondly, anything encoded in the Hardware or firmware of the logic controllers would stick out like a sore freaking thunmb."


M@ said...

RT, if you think SDA folks are going to let facts, ideology, or even integrity get in the way of their bigotry, you're dreaming.

Red Tory said...

Oh, not a chance of that.