Thursday, August 23, 2007

Credit where credit is due: Blogging Tory provocateur edition.

If you whack their peepee when they're bad, you have to give them their props when they're good.

On the other hand, commenters "SteveJ" and "Louise M" over there are, sadly, stupid as shit. Oh, well ... take your victories where you can get them, I always say.


thwap said...

I was thinking last night that this stuff is why your blog is important.

It must be tiresome, whacking the constant low-hanging fruit of the BT's stupidity everyday, but it keeps the rest of us informed about what these shitheads are up to.

Because, as you point out in the post a little down below where you admit to being afraid for your country, ... these people are borderline fascists, or out-and-out fascists, and they comprise a voting bloc that has managed to eke-out a minority government.

And it was the same low level of intellectual ability that has made the Repugs a power in the USA. And we all know what a nightmare of racism, militarism, thuggery, and superstitious delusion and bigotry that that political culture has descended into.

At the end of this, I guess that I too, extend kudos to those right-wingers who managed to put their partisan/ideological differences aside and recognize dangerous, illegal behaviour by the state for what it is, and respond correctly.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, I've seen "Louise M." at few blogs this morning, screeching her "disbelief." What an ignorant turd. As if anyone cares what some fuck-knob "believes."