Sunday, August 26, 2007

CBC: Your hacktacular right-wing media.

I swear, the next time I hear someone contemptuously dismiss the outrageous left-wing bias of the CBC, I will find a blunt instrument and go to work.

At the moment, CBC Radio One is broadcasting a fawning, asinine interview with religious crackpot Francis Collins, and the scientific illiteracy is too much to handle on a full stomach.

If I can find a transcript, things are going to get ugly. Host Mary Hynes should be embarrassed to be seen in public after this travesty of a program.

, here's an appropriately savage smackdown of Collins. Feel free to leave similar eviscerations in the comments section.

AFTERSNARK: PZ iz in ur intertubez, destroying ur brain.


syncrodox said...

Blunt would be consistent with your intellect.

Carry on.


Ti-Guy said...

Fuck off, you retard.

CC said...

Give him a break, ti-guy. He made it through the first paragraph. Progress like that should be encouraged.

Fake Pierre said...

Interesting that Hynes brings up the funniest, but not the strongest, objection to the "parameters of physics are finely tuned for our existence, therefore God did it" theory Collin's is such a fan of. "It's like someone reading the 'you are here' on a map in the mall and saying 'how did they know I was here?'"

The better objection, as Dawkins notes, is, if the complexity of the universe blows your mind and suggests the designer, then the complexity of the designer is even more mind-blowing. Who created God?

grothmag said...

Listening to that program while driving was dangerous - I'm sure it's only my Guardian Angel that let me get home safely.

Collins certainly comes across as kinder & gentler than Dawkins (as in their Time magazine debate), but when you really listen to him he uses amazingly slimy, dishonest or at least disingenuous mischaracterizations of "the other side", and, well, just plain bad science.

His "three-inch-mesh" fishing story was disgraceful. Aside from the fact that such methods would be examined & rejected in the scientific community, thus strengthening, not weaking, the argument for science as the best (only) means of arriving at truth, there's the obvious extention of his analogy: Collins would be the dissenter piping up that, though no smaller organisms were found, they MUST exist, and in fact they have the following characteristics: blue, herbivorous, four-finned, with rudimentary eyes and one ear. Basically, because he feels there "must be something more", he then goes on to pretend he knows what that something is (a personal, prayer-answering, interventionist god).

Grr! Not a proud moment for science, geneticists, or the CBC.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Fake Pierre said...
"who created God"?

Allah, maybe?