Friday, August 31, 2007

"But that's DIFFERENT!": Bathroom stall edition.

It's just so adorable to watch the Wankersphere desperately try to compare apples with oranges:

Time for a Clinton-era talking point

What a politician does in his personal life, including his sex life, is irrelevant to voters provided it has no effect on his ability to perform his duties.

Or is this Senator Craig thing somehow worse simply because he wasn't doing this in the position of employer over employee?

Why, yes, Jarrett, having a consensual, heterosexual affair in private is exactly the same as cruising public bathrooms in airports for some quick, man-on-man action, except that Clinton-Lewinsky was clearly more abhorrent since it involved an abuse of power, or something like that.

Except for the inconvenient detail that Monica Lewinsky was not a White House intern at the time of that affair -- she'd already left that position and had a government job. But don't let that stop you from drawing horrifically lame analogies, Jarrett. It's what you do best.

: Just in case Jarrett tries to move the goalposts and suggest that it was worse with Clinton since he had an affair with a "teenager," well, we can nip that bit of fiction in the bud right now.

And that's why they call us the "reality-based community." But you knew that, right?

AFTERSNARK: It's frightening that Jarrett is, according to his profile, a first-year law student, and yet he refuses to distinguish between something which is a criminal act and something which is not. What's up with that?


Ti-Guy said...

Why do the wingnuts bother?

The Clinton-Lewinsky issue was correctly viewed as a moral lapse (he betrayed his wife) the consequences of which were almost entirely trivial and private.

The Craig issue is a moral and legal lapse (he's betraying his wife and public sex is against the law); the consequences of which are also trivial but unfortunately not private. Coupled with Craig's history of opposing measures to curb injustices directed at homosexuals, it reveals a hypocrisy that ends up being harmful to a great many people, who are, incidently, voters.

The wingnuts should just shut up about this. They have nothing useful to say.

Anonymous said...

"Except for the inconvenient detail that Monica Lewinsky was not a White House intern at the time of that affair"

Not true. The affair started when she was an intern. Just fact checking for ya. There was a general strike going on while Monica was an unpaid intern - she delivered some pizza to El Presidento, leaned over and snapped her thong at him... and things developed from there. The affair continued after she left the intern job -- which was one of the issues related to the scandal.. Clinton getting his friend Vernon Jordan (I think the name was) to find Monica a spiffy new job after she left the whitehouse.


CC said...

Hmmmm ... do you have an online reference somewhere that clarifies this? If it's true, I'd want to correct the record, of course.