Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't harass him ... he's a busy man.

Blogging Tory Steve Janke knows how to tease out the sordid details:

The site created by Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant to promote a handgun ban in Canada, No Gun No Funeral, has strong links to the Liberal Party and to Michael Bryant in paticular. More information is available, and even more links are discovered.

No Gun No Funeral is the website created by Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant to promote his "No Gun No Funeral" push for a complete handgun ban in Canada. What makes No Gun No Funeral interesting was that it was created by "a group of Canadians" who support this ban idea. As it turned out, the group included two members of Michael Bryant's inner circle, Glenn Brown and Nikki Holland. The phone number associated with the website was answered by the Michael Bryant constituency office, announcing that you have reached the "Michael Bryant Election Campaign".

Of course, none of this was obvious from the website. The website was studiously anonymous. That is, until I helped reveal this information. A couple of radio interviews later, and Michael Bryant was compelled to admit that the site was his.

So, if I read this correctly, we have a carefully-concealed relationship that, through assiduous investigation, is finally revealed, forcing an embarrassing public admission.

I'm sure you saw this punchline coming a mile away.


thwap said...

I totally don't get it.


JJ said...

thwap - I think the answer is in the 2nd last paragraph, "...a carefully concealed relationship... finally revealed... embarassing public admission" and the search word "Montebello" at Janke's ;)

thwap said...

Oh, I didn't see the search term. I thought that it was a knock at Janke's investigative skills that technology had done a bad turn to.