Monday, August 20, 2007

If the irony were any thicker: "The Politic" edition.

Honestly, it's like they just drop their drawers, lay their nads across the anvil and hand me a hammer. How else can you explain the way the Canadian Whackjob-o-sphere makes my life so freakin' easy? Like with this previously-referenced piece over at The He-Man Woman Hater's Club, where club member Greg Farries gets all, like, noble and compassionate in comment number 5:

Love or hate her, [Dr. Laura's] advice is often right on the money. I used to listen to her when I worked in agriculture, and her advice often centered around personal responsibility. If you make a mistake - and we all make mistakes - you have to take responsibility for the mistake and learn from the mistake (meaning, don’t make the same mistake twice).

As to her coloured past, big deal.

Yeah, dammit -- let's talk about cool stuff like "personal responsibility." Like when Greg's co-blogger Aaron ("Spanky") Unruh posted this dishonest piece of swill regarding gays and same-sex marriage, at which point I ripped it several new orifices, and Spanky's own commenters (self-confessed conservatives included) also took him out to the woodshed for a good beating with an axe handle, whereupon Spanky (as you can read for yourself) demonstrated that legendary right-wing accountability and personal responsibility and sheepishly 'fessed up to having been conned:

Addendum: Contrary to the misinformation twice provided by some silly blogger sending traffic our way, I did link to the original article. See that star in the top left-hand corner? Try clicking it.

Now, one could say that providing a link to an article as well as quoting a passage from the article without any additional commentary makes me a horrible bigotted piece of garbage slimeball, as the silly link-blind person claims and which a handful on trolls of this site are currently screaming. But here’s the deal. I provide the link, you go read if you like, “refute” whatever you like, and leave me alone. How hard is this? And if you don’t like the articles I link, then treat the presence of my name at the top of posts as a warning: “Oops, my feelings are about to be hurt, had better not read.”

Yeah, that's some kick-ass personal responsibility there, isn't it? But that's not even the capper.

No, the legend of Spanky will forever be tied to the blog post where he opined that female genital mutilation was a total hoot. Yes, an absolute scream. But what makes it particularly notable is that Spanky had originally filed that piece under the keyword "Amusing," given its obvious entertainment value. And, after he got ripped to bloody shreds by his commenters, rather than apologize for his jaw-dropping callousness, he quietly went back and removed the "Amusing" reference keyword to make the post seem much more innocuous. Unfortunately, the evidence for the original classification is right there in, for example, comment 3:

Anonymous wrote:

I guess Aaron thinks that female gender mulitation is funny, or at the very least “Amusing”.

So how about it, Greg, you sanctimonious twerp? Does your idea of taking "personal responsibility" extend to one of your co-bloggers going back to embarrassing blog posts and surreptitiously cleansing them of their most embarrassing bits while refusing to apologize for their overwhelming dumbassitude? Really, we'd all like to know. 'Cuz all us unhinged, deranged moonbats have our own ideas of what personal responsibility means, and we just want to know how low we can set the bar.


Ti-Guy said...

Personal responsibility is only for the morally depraved...gays (what with all the sex) and women (what with all the sex they're not having with the guys at The Politic)...whereas the daddies at The Politic prove their daddiness by being above such mortal concerns.

Anyway, Dr. Laura would probably have sex with them. She'll do anybody...

Paladiea said...

Heh, that KKKate would take it upon herself to defend female genital mutilation brings up the question of whether she'd like it done to herself.

the rev. said...

eeewwwwwww! Thanks for that paledia, I'm sure we can look forward to a raft of outraged BTs claiming we all want to mutilate the genitals of Canada's Lowest Common Denominatrix (TM -PSA)

Crabgrass said...

Ti-Guy: "Dr. Laura would probably have sex with them. She'll do anybody..."

And I, for one, am starting to find it a little mundane.