Tuesday, March 01, 2022


Conservatives who have, for years, relentlessly crapped on and defunded every possible variation of renewable energy currently adamant that we need to do everything we can to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.


MgS said...

Yes, but these are the same conservatives who are perfectly good with strip mining muskeg to extract bitumen, flattening mountain ranges to extract coal … both activities will inevitably dump enormous amounts of toxic waste into rivers …

They’re basic Saruman in the black tower standing there looking at the Fangorn, and saying “burn it all”.

They aren’t just captive to capitalism, they’re captive to 19th century capitalism, and they haven’t figured out that things need to change.

Purple library guy said...

Well, not EVERYTHING. Even ruling out renewables from the start, I'd be willing to bet none of them are talking about building refinery capacity on Canadian soil, or anything radical like that.