Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The Grizzly Adams edition.

According to three independent sources (and I am still unsure how seriously to take all this), Lloydminster's favourite financial advisor, undischarged bankrupt and village idiot Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen The Real Deal Kid Cash Thunderbolt Nexus Quintuple Threat MMA Cosplay Street Fighting Man" Ross is currently -- due to financial constraints -- living out of his car during the (work?) week, and hanging out at a cabin in the woods, Unabomber-style, on the weekends, given that I have allegedly so impoverished him with my collection proceedings against him that he really has no other options.

While this is amusing, it's hard to fathom since I have collected only around $6,400 from Patrick, and that's hardly enough to put someone in the poor house, but there are other intriguing aspects to this story.

First, it appears that Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy has been trying very, very hard to contact Patrick, via phone, e-mail and letters to his Lloyd residence, but Patrick is steadfastly refusing to reply to any of that, so we can safely say that Patrick is working very hard at the moment to stay out of sight, I'm guessing because the OSB is extremely unhappy with Patrick's years of contemptuous non-compliance and would like to make that clear to him. So it's no surprise Patrick is playing hard to get.

As for his financial dire straits, while (as I said) I really haven't seized all that much from him, I have been informed that the Saskatchewan sheriffs have in fact kicked into gear the newest filing for collection, that one being the big one for the judgment itself:

and while I have heard nothing on that score, that doesn't mean they haven't grabbed a handful of cash since it normally takes several days for the sheriffs to report in, so maybe it really has happened and they have just not reported it to me yet.

But wait, you think, how could Patrick have that much scratch lying around? It's because, according to another of my sources, Patrick's father is not in the best of health and, recently, he tossed around substantial amounts to the children as "pre-inheritance", and it is entirely possible that Patrick would have had more than $100,000 in his account, and if the sheriffs timed it right and hit that account while it was loaded, well, maybe they did grab all of it for me.

All of this is speculation, of course, but it is not speculation that the OSB very badly wants to talk to Patrick, and he is simply staying out of sight, which is going to make prosecuting any sort of legal action extremely difficult if he does not provide proper contact information for service. But he's a boy genius -- I'm sure he's thought of that.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Patrick got paid big bucks; so you can take it ofc.

BTW - how did you hear about Patrick railroading the office of the superintendent of bankruptcy? Sounds like you have more sources on Patsy Ross than a PI does.

RossOwesDay said...

Rhetorical question here, but won't Patrick Ross's continued evasion of the OSB just get him in deeper and deeper trouble? He can still leech WiFi from the WalMart parking lot and log into his dragonfireideas email.

CC said...

Anon: I have multiple sources of information for Patrick, including some people he confides in who he believes are friends of his who are quietly selling him out because they think he's an asshole.

ROD: At this point, I have no idea how Patrick could bury himself any deeper. He's no longer protected by bankruptcy, he owes me almost $110,000, the OSB is truly fucking pissed with him and is actively looking for him, while the Saskatchewan sheriffs are pulling his financial life apart, looking for assets, and what he owes me is going up by several hundred dollars a month.

He's pretty well fucked, and his idiotic defamation action against Peter Skinner is about to explode in his face very expensively.

So, yeah, he's fucked.

jhayward9 said...

Reading this puts a smile on my face. This is what he gets for trying to doxx me and my mother......and for trying to drag my non-biological (& very distant) cousin into our spat.

Karma. It's beautiful.

CC said...

Mr. Hayward: Oh, karma does not *begin* to describe what I'm about to do to Patrick. I'm guessing there will not be enough left once I'm done with him for even Peter Skinner to pick over the desiccated corpse.

I have more information on Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen, but it's not quite time to publish it. Everything in good time and, seeing as how I've put up with Patrick's shit for 12 years now, I have learned patience.