Friday, April 09, 2010

Yeah, about that influence peddling, Rahim ...

If this puts a smile on my face, does that make me a bad person?

Guergis’s future in doubt; husband Jaffer faces more accusations

OTTAWA — Helena Guergis, the minister of state for the status of women, may face new political peril after revelations emerged Thursday that her husband, former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, was using one of her taxpayer-funded parliamentary BlackBerrys and that he had boasted of his connections to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to further his private business interests.

A spokesman for Harper, Dimitri Soudas, said any claims Jaffer may have made about his access to Harper or the PMO are untrue.

“Any accusation that the Prime Minister’s Office has opened doors for Rahim Jaffer or his associates is false and it is also absurd,” Soudas said.

So here's my question: If Jaffer has been selling himself based on his alleged access and influence with the Stephen Harper Party of Canada, and the Party categorically denies any such thing, does that constitute fraud on Jaffer's part? Seriously, the entertainment value here just never stops, does it?

LEAVE RAHIM ALONE! I could continue mocking official Conservative Party comfort girl Sandy Crux and her tear-streaked attempts at defending Jaffer but, in the interests of effective time management, I'll just summarize it for you:

Really, that was worth the two minutes, wasn't it?


mikmik said...

Is that stubble on her chin and lip? Christ, that's funny!

I suppose we'll see her in cabinet sooner or later, anyways.

mikmik said...

Yeah, it is, LMFAO!! It's a guy, hee, heeeee