Monday, April 12, 2010

So ... how's that whole Afghanistan thing working out for ya?

Oh, dear:

MacKay snubs Karzai on Afghan visit

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s erratic behavior of late, including suggestions he may join the Taliban, have a “corrosive impact” on Canadian troops, the Defence Minister says.

Just back from Afghanistan, Peter MacKay told The Globe and Mail today that was the message he delivered to two senior Karzai government ministers.

It occurs to me that that's the sort of shit one gets into when one really wants to play dress-up soldier and swagger around looking tough, but doesn't really think very far ahead.


Anonymous said...

Why the fuck was Ambrose there?

So Potato Pete wants Karzai to be a little more accountable? Karzai was once "the man", now he's still being used a a prop for the Connies...

sooey said...

Perhaps they're dating. Or maybe she was there to hand out Public Works contracts. Who knows? They appear to have no idea what they're doing anywhere. And I'd say NOT meeting with Karzai puts the troops in more danger than meeting with him. But I'm not a REAL Defence Minister.

Metro said...

Maybe Karzai just isn't that into Peter anymore?