Monday, April 05, 2010

Pay no attention to those ugly rumours.

Some people are just such gossips:

Critics riled as pontiff doesn't mention scandal at Sunday mass, while top cardinal denounces charges of sex abuse as ‘idle chatter'

After an Easter weekend in which the Vatican responded defiantly to a child sex-abuse scandal with silence from Pope Benedict XVI and bitter accusations from his senior clerics, the Roman Catholic Church finds itself embroiled in conflicts with two other major religions and calls for a wider apology.

The Pope’s Easter Sunday mass in St. Peter’s Square surprised many observers with his silence on allegations that he helped protect priests who had raped children in half a dozen countries . Even more surprising was an unprecedented introductory sermon yesterday by Angelo Sodano, the dean of the Vatican’s College of Cardinals, in which he denounced widespread charges of child sex abuse by priests as “idle chatter.”

Unsurprisingly, child rapists will always have their defenders. Oh, look ... there's one now:

I would have linked to child rape apologist Suzie All-Caps, except for her classless habit of redirecting incoming links to pages of abortion porn. She's kind of like that, you know. Classless.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were taking about this rumour...

Funny how some react differently to the same kind of buggering...