Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday quote of the day.

No, Barack Obama isn't a brown-skinned, wishy-washy, bleeding heart liberal socialist, giving away free medical care to the poor and needy. You're thinking of Jesus.


CK said...

you should send that one to Suzy ALLCAPS as well

Sir Gallahad said...

Someone should remind the Ann Coulters, of the world that Jesus Christ was indeed a dark skinned Jewish Man.

She thinks all Jewish people should be converted to christianity.

Just like all those asshole teabaggers, in the US, who hold up filthy placards, with nigger on them.

Jesus Christ was not a blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned man.

They all claim they are here to serve Christ, and justify everything they do in the name of christ.

Their utter stupidity, and bigotry is mind blowing.


Goddess bless you..mathew sent me this link knowing i would absolutely fecking love it.

The pale observer said...

Excellent! But it actually describes both of them, no?

Glad to have found your blog by fluke. I'll be back!!!

Cheers, from a fellow Canadian, flung far ashore in Ghana West Africa