Thursday, April 08, 2010

Coke and hookers? Works for me!

Via "Politics - for the people," we learn that Rahim Jaffer is just a people person:

The story behind Ex-MP Rahim Jaffer's drunk-driving arrest
Jaffer boasted to businesses: I can get government money easily

The booze was flowing on the back patio at Harbour 60 Steakhouse in downtown Toronto.

Nazim Gillani of International Strategic Investments, four business associates, and three busty hookers dined in style last Sept. 10.

Former MP Rahim Jaffer, a self-described peddler of government grants, credits and loans, was in fine form, chatting up prospective clients. Early the next morning, Gillani would greet the day with a colourful email to the night’s guests: “Mr. Jaffer has opened up the Prime Minister’s office to us,” he boasted, unaware at the time of how Jaffer’s night had ended. Gillani is a character. By last September, at least two major police departments and the federal taxman were after him on fraud or tax evasion allegations.

Yeah, you should read the rest.

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Stimpson said...

2 things from that article stand out in my mind: (1) Jaffer apparently drove tens of kilometres in an at least mildly inebriated state, putting who-knows-how-many lives in danger; (2) Jaffer's business of selling influence in the government (ooooh, let's not call it influence peddling) is yet another reason why his awful wife should be bounced from cabinet immediately.

Shiner said...


Actually wait, no, it's entirely believable. Sorry.

Wonder how long it will be until the Blogging Tories figure out that Jaffer isn't white, and therefore A LIBERAL!!!

Adam C said...

I agree with Stimpson entirely. Another point that came from that very interesting article: the possibility exists that Jaffer got his sweetheart deal from the Crown in exchange for giving evidence on his fraudulent buddy. It may not be true, but it's a plausible alternative explanation.

Shiner said...

Jeebus, check out Tory Taber's headline on the Globe:

"Rahim Jaffer has no influence
with Prime Minister, official says"

Christ. Why not "Source says this story is false, don't read".

Mark Francis said...

I suspect Jaffer has little influence with government, but was posturing like he did.

A minister of the Crown is married to a man with associates like these?

Correction: An allegedly coke-sniffing, drunk driving, excessive speeder with associates like these is married to a minister of the Crown?

Lindsay Stewart said...

maybe rahim and his lovely wife can do some rehabilitative double dating with biker babe bernier and whoever he happens to be squiring at the moment. team conservative party animals!

Metro said...

"Rahim Jaffer has no influence
with Prime Minister, official says."

Y'see Timmy, they only deny what's true. Take Linda Keene's firing and the isotope crisis, or the Afghan detainee business, for example.

Only if it's true is it worth the effort to deny it, one assumes.